Root Undervolt setting wont stick past a reboot?


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I tried lowering my vdd settings using the OC Deamon (Andrev_oc).

Temp Apply works

1024000 --- from 1200 to 1100
806400 --- from 1075 to 1050
768000 --- from 1050 to 1025

These settings are stable, and I verified that the vdd file (/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels) was changed.

On reboot it goes back to default :(

Tried manually editing the file with Root Explorer. Does not work either. When I do that, it does not even apply the settings temporarily.

Kernel limitation?


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Normally, when I've done any undervolting, there is a little tick box (or something) that is "apply on boot" - have you perhaps missed that?