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Unexpected battery crash

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BudDroid, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. BudDroid

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    Last night about 9PM, I was working on my computer, phone on the desk beside me, display dark. I had last taken the phone off the charger about 7AM. My use for the day had been fairly light, and the stock battery meter on the phone had showed about half-discharged the last time I looked. Some time later, it vibrated once and shut itself off. When I plugged it in to recharge, it showed 1% charge. Either the meter is wrong, or something drained it aggressively in the last 30 min. or hour. I don't know if my local cell went down and it drained looking for a signal, or if an app went nuts, or what...

    Some background:
    1-I've taken steps to help battery life. Lower display brightness, reduced frequency of updates and syncs, GPS and Bluetooth off when not in use, etc.
    2-I have the Curvefish widgets to switch on/off the various power hogs.
    3-Spare Parts reports the battery condition as "good". Is that the best they report, or is there a "very good" and "excellent" above that?
    4-Most nights, I put the phone on the charger when I go to bed. The battery usually shows about 40% when I plug it in. Most days, my usage is heavier than it was yesterday.

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