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unfortunately, com.sonyericsson.usbux has stopped

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fabiocaponi, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    Looking for some help after searching around on the error message of "unfortunately, com.sonyericsson.usbux has stopped" when ever I try and connect my Sony Xperia E via usb nor does it recognise my SD card (which works on other devices)

    A quick bit of background info on how I ended up with this error. I have rooted my Xperia E and its been working perfectly well so I could use Link2SD to move apps to my SD card due to the phone memory being miminal on an Xperia E.

    It looked like I had partitioned the SD card incorrectly (by that I mean what I wanted to use as my primary was actually my secondary with the least space) so it resulted in the card filling up very quickly.

    So I moved all the apps back to the internal memory and formatted the SD card and then partitioned it again using Mini Tool Partition.

    The next step is where it all went wrong. When I launched Link2SD I assumed it would pick up the fact that the card had been reformated/partiontied again and run set up as such from scratch but it didnt.

    So I went into the Link2SD menu > settings > more > then quick reboot. The device rebooted but then just hung on the coloured Sony splash screen and sat like that for about 10 mins before I turned it off and back on again.

    Since then I get the error of "unfortunately, com.sonyericsson.usbux has stopped" when ever I connect the phone via USB and that no SD card is found (its formatted and working on other phones)

    So two things are I cannot connect the phone by USB to repair it for example with Sonys software nor can I write anything to the SD card.

    I have started it in safe mode, factory reset it and also found it under Apps > All and cleared cache , forced stop and rebooted in the hope it starts back up again correctly.

    Is something like this most likely going to require a reinstall of the Android OS? Its first my Android

    Thank you all

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