Unfortunately, Scrapbook has Stopped


Scrapbook worked but now out of a sudden it fails :mad:. When I launch it, the brown app screen appears, then after a few seconds the screen goes black, then the device's home screen comes up with the message "Unfortunately, Scrapbook has stopped". :thinking: I have tried to clear the app's cache & data, and also to force stop & relaunch it, to no avail. Chatted with Samsung but their suggestion to do a factory reset scares me. I spent alot of time in configuring and setting up my device, and I have no confidence that backup & restore via Kies will actually bring me back my configuration. Scrapbook isn't that important an application, therefore, unless one of you people have a solution, I will just wait for a firmware update, hoping it does resolve this bug. Many thanks for reading this far! :)