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Uninstalled Handcent now no notification sound

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sixshades, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. sixshades

    sixshades Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, anybody help with this?
    I've contacted handcent directly and looked in their forum but it appears that they don't provide good service to customers - no replies!!

    I didn't much like Handcent so I uninstalled it and no notification sounds happened when I received a message.
    I went back to the stock messaging app and reset the notification sound but it didn't work.
    Reinstalled Handcent and the sounds came back.
    Unistalled and no sounds again.
    I was on 2.1 when it started but I'm now on 2.2 and the same issue happened (no Handcent when it was upgraded to 2.2 in case you're wondering and it didn't fix the problem).

    Anyone know how to completely remove all traces of Handcent and reset/reconfigure/reinstall the stock messaging app.

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  2. nafpez

    nafpez Well-Known Member

    I had exactly the same problem, but it wasn't with the sounds it was the vibrate, installed handcent, didn't like it, uninstalled and vibrate for texts and emails had disappeared, only thing that worked was a factory reset, havent installed it it since. hope this helps.
  3. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Android Enthusiast

  4. charlies99

    charlies99 Newbie

    Try going into settings on the stock messaging program and enabling the notifications. You may have turned them off originally so you did not get two notifications ?
  5. Rogue

    Rogue Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with ringtones...

    I selected a new one and not a custom one from within the program and it now works fine. If you removed software which was using a custom tone, the tones won't work.
  6. chrisl

    chrisl Lurker

    I don't think it's a problem with Handcent as such. Handcent allowed you to choose any sound which the Desire won't do by default. I installed Rings Extended to let me select any audio file for a notification.

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