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Uninstalling / Freezing Bloatware

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Quboid, May 16, 2011.

  1. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    On a rooted SGS2, what bloatware is it safe to freeze? I assume freezing is better than uninstalling as you never know what might be needed.

    Using https://market.android.com/details?id=org.baole.rootuninstall I have frozen the following without any problems yet, apart from losing that app's functionality of course:

    • AllShare - DLNA wireless media, for watching videos on your TV over wifi.
    • Ap Mobile - Associated Press news, for the Samsung news widget.
    • Home Screen Tips - the widget
    • Music Hub
    • Social Hub - both entries (one with 3 people and a speech bubble icon, one with an envelope icon)
    • Suggests - Samsung's app suggestion app
    • Yahoo finance - widget
    With the social hubs frozen, email still works fine.

    I assume the other hubs can be frozen too, I haven't tried yet as I keep an eye on them occasionally. There is sure to be more, in particular TwLauncher is presumably TouchWiz and as I use ADW.Launcher, this might be worth trying some time. There is more, like the weather live wallpapers, which could be frozen if you don't use them, but there's no saving there unlike Ap Mobile which runs even without the widget being used.

    Any other suggestions?

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  2. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    I agree that freezing is better than deleting, after all we have so much space on the phone to install there's no need to make any more.

    I've frozen the following apps / services that I don't use without any ill effects:

    Android Live Wallpapers
    Ap Mobile
    Bluetooth Test
    Buddies Now
    Digital Clock
    Dual Clock
    Email 1.0
    Factory Test
    Game Hub
    Google Search 1.1.2
    Helv Neue S
    Home Screen Tips
    Kobo 2.6.422
    Live Wallpaper Picker
    Maps 5.4.0
    Various Live Wallpapers
    Music 1.1.1
    Music Hub
    News and Weather
    Samsung Account
    Samsung Apps
    Self Test Mode
    Setup Wizard
    SNS 1.5
    SNS Disclaimer
    Social Hub 2.0
    Social Hub 7.52
    Software Update
    Sound Player 1.0
    Suggests 1.0
    TWlauncher 2.3.3
    VPN Services
    Wi-Fi Sharing
    Wi-Fi Sharing Manager
    Wlan Test
    Yahoo Finance
    Zinio Reader
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  3. pwannell

    pwannell Member

    maybe we can continually update post 1 with things to freeze. i will add SNS Reader to the mix
  4. lob

    lob Android Enthusiast

    Good idea!
  5. pwannell

    pwannell Member

    Found out that after freeing sns now the activities and media tab in contacts no longer works.send like sns is very deeply rooted.makes this phone pretty poor to have for social networking.i used to have a nokia n900 before this phone and contacts could be added to the home screen with IM presence and their facebook status updates.not too impressed.
  6. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    kersey, do any of those disable a service that many people might want? Most are self-explanatory but a few are vague. In particular:

    - TWlauncher - does this disable TouchWiz and if so, what are you using?
    - Kobo - Is this part of the Reader hub?
    - Software Update - Does this disable OTA updates (if there ever is any) or just updates to Samsung's pointless apps?
    - Zinio Reader - Does this disable Google Reader?
    - Google Search - is searching affected?
    - SNS - what is this?
  7. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    The above items could disable a service that others may use so really it all depends on what you use you phone for, for example I'm not into the Social side of things such as Facebook or Twitter so to disable any of the SNS items may affect those features of the phone.

    TWlauncher is indeed the TouchWiz launcher. I use ADW EX instead as I'm able to customise it exactly as I want.

    Zinio Reader as well as Kobo are part of the Readers Hub.

    I don't bother with OTA updates as I prefer to flash via Odin when the firmwares are released over at XDA so again Software Update is another service I don't need to have running.

    Google Search is another thing I don't particularly use on the phone to search for installed apps or contacts and when it comes to the web as I use Opera Mini a lot over 3G it already has a google search option in the browser.

    Hope this helps :D
  8. jimlad

    jimlad Well-Known Member

    What is the best way to remove these apps?
  9. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Root your phone, then purchase Titanium Backup and freeze the apps, this way if anything goes wrong you can reverse the process without having to re-flash.
  10. pachi72

    pachi72 Lurker

    So when you freeze apps and you reboot your phone...you will free up more ram?
  11. Riche101

    Riche101 Android Enthusiast


    Follow this very handy guide

  12. simplicity

    simplicity Lurker

    I am completely confused about what to do. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 from AT&T in the US and I do not know whether to root it or not. I have never had a smartphone, let alone, an android device. So I have a couple of questions that somewhat refer to the topic.

    -What is required for rooting? I heard I have to downgrade my firmware or something and that scares me. I'm currently on 2.3.4.

    -Much of what is posted probably applies to the older S2's. Mine just recently came out on Oct. 2, so I am unsure if all, or even any of this, applies to my phone.

    I know, I'm a complete noob, but if anyone owns an AT&T SG2 or simply knows what to do with it (i.e. What to remove from it with specific details of what is being removed incase I want to keep someof it), please help.

    Add me on MSN if you want to help more. It's faster too.
  13. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    You might be better posting this question on the Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T) - All Things Root part of the forum as this is for the SGSII (International) edition. See here:_

    Galaxy S2 (AT&T) - All Things Root - Android Forums

    Hope this helps. :D
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  14. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    Help me please, im trying to freeze using "easy freezy" but it says "Packagemanager command failed!"

    anyone knows what does it mean?
  15. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    I've had an idea, just wondering if it does the same as freezing an app:
    through root explorer, i go to system\app\ and just for the experiment i take musicplayer.apk
    rename it to musicplayer.apk.bak, and move it to a folder where i can find it when i want it.
    its not as easy and quick as titanium backup, i guess, but does it freeze it just the same?

  16. jimndeb

    jimndeb Lurker

    Jeeez! Does all this come pre installed on the SG2?
    I wan't to buy one of these but I am literally afraid of how much messing around I'd have to do to get it to resemble a stock android install.

    I have to Root and then freeze all of this stuff? Is there a Stock Android ROM for the SG2?


  17. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    If you want a stock (vanilla) Android out-of-the-box, best wait for the new Galaxy Nexus to become available from next month.

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