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Unique filters and automation make it easier to find your apps

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by easyappfetch, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Could I introduce App Fetch to you:

    An Easier Way to Find Your Apps

    App Fetch automatically categorizes your apps by icon color, first letter of the alphabet and GooglePlay categories. These filters are arranged on tabs on scrollable menus next to each other. You can then find your app by simply tapping anyone of the filter tabs and then narrowing down by one or two of the others, if necessary.

    Once you press a tab App Fetch will start to list results in the top search box.
    For example, press 'F', 'Social' and 'Blue' to get Facebook. Just pressing 'F' would get all the apps beginning with the letter 'F', to then press 'Social' will remove all 'F' apps that are not related to 'Social' and a further press of 'Blue' will remove all other colors so we are only left with apps that have a blue icon, are found under communication and begin with the letter F.

    Flexible and easy way to change app search results

    You can change the app search results in two different ways to suit your needs:

    Just need to change one filter - If you only need to change one filter. For example, you pressed Blue, F, and Social, but then you remember the app icon is red - You don't need to do another search just tap Red and App Fetch will give you the results for Red, F, Social. You can do this as many times as you want.

    New Search - If you want to cancel the search results and start fresh, just tap the X at the top.

    Floating window

    To get to your apps even faster you can turn on the floating window which, like Facebook Messenger, will give you icon that sits at the edge of the screen even while you are using an app. This way you can launch App Fetch even faster. This feature is entirely optional and can be turned on and off on the menu by pressing Launch Preferences.



    App Fetch

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