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Unknown PIN in ICS on NextBook craplet - read thread for details. Need advice!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by magicconcept, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. magicconcept

    magicconcept Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 11, 2012
    I just inherited a tablet from another guy who must have realized what a cheapskate unit he'd bought. It's a NextBook NEXT8P12 (I believe that's also known as an 8 Premium SE or Premium 8 SE), which is too heavy, too thick, low-res (both screen and camera) and, I am assured, slow. However; given the fact that I am both broke and unemployed and that this is my first tablet, I still think it's pretty cool. Even though it's got like a quarter of the resolution of my GNex, it's still good enough to read books on or use as a separate unit to watch TV shows on.

    Anyway, there's two big problems, though. One is that we can't find the original charger. I went to a Habitat for Humanity store and found an appropriate type, 5V 2A, but couldn't find anything with a plug on the end skinny enough to fit in that tiny jack. My brother, who is an electronics engineer in New York, is digging for one, so hopefully we'll have that soon. In the meantime, I stripped the wires, pried the back cover off the tablet, and hooked the charger directly up to the battery leads. I know this is a horrible idea, but believe it or not the tablet is charging and hasn't even gotten the slightest bit warm. It'll do for now.

    Now my problem is that there is a PIN lock - this is apparently the problem that made the guy get rid of it in the first place - he doesn't know what the PIN is. Nor do I. I tried familiar numbers and letters and considered brute force, but that could take forever. Options suggested are the "forgot your pattern?" thing, but this tablet is not set up like that; also holding the Volume + button while booting, which hasn't done anything at all; I tried holding Volume - while booting, and get the dead Android/red triangle.

    I need some way to get around this PIN lock or, even better, to do a full wipe/factory reset. Anybody out there have some practical advice? The unit runs ICS so maybe someone knows a trick...

    Thanks in advance, guys.


  2. elite8539

    elite8539 New Member

    May 9, 2012
    Yeah hold the power button and the volume down button down it should go into recovery mode..then select the item that say restore to factory default.

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