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Jul 10, 2010
hi guys, im looking for some help for a friend at work. he has recently got himself an xperia s and was asking me to help him get it unlocked from tmobile so he can use his 3 sim card in it. everyone at work seems to come to me as im seen as the android expert having had one of the first at the work ( a sony ericsson x10 that put up with a lot of abuse from me before finally giving up the ghost lol, currently have a samsung sg3 but at least its still an android) he wants to know if there are any sites that he can get a free unlock code for his phone. all help welcome thanks

My girlfriends wildfire was locked to Vodafone, I called them and they unlocked it for free.

Could try calling his provider.
Is unlocking the same as debranding?

I got my phone from T-Mobile, but have now debranded it using these instructions:-

As I've only got a T-Mobile sim, I don't know if this has unlocked it. All I do know is that I haven't got the awful T-Mobile version of Android. I don't know what they did with it, but it was really buggy and I was starting to regret getting an Xperia S. Now I'm on the generic firmware, and on ICS, the phone is great.
sorry i havnt replied sooner. ok ive got some more info. he got the phone from a friend whom had a contract with tmobile and doesnt know if they will unlock it for him since the contract is with someone else. he said he is quite happy to pay to get it unlocked so does anyone know any reputable sites to get an unlock code from. any help welcome

Ok, here's another update. My friend tried selling the phone but couldn't get it sold so has decided to keep it. He would like to know if he roots it will it unlock it. I rooted my x10i when i had one but don't know if it also unlocked. Any help is always appreciated.

Yes he tried phoning tmobile but they wouldnt unlock the phone as he isnt the registered owner and he cant get in contact with his friend because he has moved to newcastle and we are in grangemouth