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Unlock Huawei Ascend 2 to another US carrier

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nathanial, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Nathanial

    Nathanial Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am in CA USA and I just purchased the new Huawei Ascend 2 phone and paid for one month of Cricket's plan at $55 plus tax. I just learned that Boost Mobile has an Android plan which the bill starts at $50 and after six months of paying the bill on time it reduces $5 and son on down to $35. This is a much better deal since it is also non-contract.

    Is it possible to unlock my phone to be used by Boost Mobile and still have all the functionalities of my phone? How do I do it if it is possible? If it is not possible, do I need to send my phone back to get a refund and then purchase a Boost Mobile Android phone (which I believe on use Android 2.2 and not 2.3)? Any suggestions would be great. My whole point is to have a decent phone, like an Android, at a decent price and with the phone bill being at a great deal, such as $35 a month.

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    If you pre-pay for 3 months of CRICKET service,you get the 4th month free.
    This is not a well known program(why,I do not know).Nevertheless,it is available,you just have to ask for it.
    If the store you visit does not honor this promotion,just call around until you find one that does.
    This is a more sensible alternative than paying someone to flash your phone to BOOST & then just having your bill reduced by $5/mo. until you reach the lowest monthly bill possible.
    I would take advantage of the CRICKET offer,at least until you find a better phone on BOOST.
  3. Nathanial

    Nathanial Lurker
    Thread Starter

    WOW!!! Thank you so much! I will go talk to them tomorrow! That deal is definitely worth it then!
  4. Nathanial

    Nathanial Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It looks like it has been temporarily discontinued.

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