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Unlock Inspire 4g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blacklambo89, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. blacklambo89

    blacklambo89 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi! Everyone and thank you in advance for all your help

    Does any one know how to unlock Inspire 4g? I'd like to use this phone with T-mobile but it's currently network locked to ATT.

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  2. Mohalawneh

    Mohalawneh Lurker

    Same problem,, can anybody help us ??
  3. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    I asked the question in another thread. I just want to be able to use it with foreign carriers rather than taking it up the a#$ from ATT when I roam internationally :)
  4. blacklambo89

    blacklambo89 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There is also a discussion on XDA developers website, but I don't know how this would work, you guys can try it out and see if this work,

    Unlock. - xda-developers
  5. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Really confused as to why you posted this. This is a link to another forum, where someone responded to the "How do I unlock?" with a link to another forum thread that has nothing to do with unlocking.

    Maybe we should stick to the subject in THIS thread and see if anyone has any feedback as to ways to unlock, be it through third-party sites or software.

  6. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    I believe AT&T will give out the unlock code (upon request) as long as the requirements are met, just like they do for other phones that are not exclusive. Being that this is so new though, they may not be able to give out the code yet.
  7. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    That was a good suggestion, I hadn't thought of that... that was how I used to always get unlock codes for my blackberries. I called them and talked to Premier Support, Tier 2 Tech, and Retentions, and they all said the same thing. Their unlock system doesn't get populated with "Exclusive Phones" unlock codes for 6 months from the date of launch of the device, so they said they would not be able to pull an unlock code until August 13, 2011. I confirmed that this is the phone and not an account requirement (as one time they said they only gave lock codes if a customer has been active for 6+ months, which I've been 5+ years), and they confirmed it's because the phone is new\exclusive and I have to wait 6 months.

    Any other ideas\suggestions? Do those shady kiosks in the mall unlock? Or do online websites have secret access to unlock codes? Sometimes when AT&T couldn't provide a code there was an unlock site I'd use and they were 100% accurate, but I can't remember which.
  8. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately they don't list the model # ...
  9. chandler583

    chandler583 Newbie

    I don't want to thread jack, but what are the requirements in order for AT&T to give the unlock codes to phones? I kind of always heard that they are not inclined to give unlock codes to customers unless they were outside of the contract period.
  10. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    It used to be that formal, but now it's basically they get manager approval and they look to see you're not a less than 90 day new customer, then give the code. Apparently "exclusive devices" require they wait 6 months before giving the code out.
  11. chandler583

    chandler583 Newbie

    I suppose that keeps people from grabbing the phones and attempting to sell them unlocked.
  12. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    And for those like me who have been w\ AT&T for years and want a legitimate unlock, oh well. I just submitted to HorizonWireless for $13 for an unlock code. They were good back when I had blackberry, so we'll see if they can come up with one for my HTC Inspire 4g... I'm hoping they can as I'm going to Asia next week and hope to be able to take my HTC :)

    I'll update this thread when I hear back if they can provide a code.
  13. elnene2091

    elnene2091 Newbie

  14. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about them. Googling HTC unlock returns a million results, it's hard to say who's reputable and who's not, which is why I tried Horizon since back in my BlackBerry days they used to be really responsive. They already emailed me back and said they're working on it now :) We'll see, hoping for the best... will followup soon.
  15. elnene2091

    elnene2091 Newbie

    well nice to hear that.. im going to check it out.. keep us updated :cool:
  16. r34p3rex

    r34p3rex Lurker

  17. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member

    Yeah saw that too, I really don't want to put a radio firmware that was designed to operate on phones before mine even came out. I'd rather just shell out the $13 for an unlock code online. It'll pay back tenfold when I go to sell the phone eventually.
  18. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Android Enthusiast

  19. jumper1127

    jumper1127 Newbie

    If I unlock my Inspire 4G, will I lose all the information I stored in the phone? I don't want to reset my phone if using another SIM card, because eventually I will switch back to AT&T.
  20. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    Absolutely not. Unlocking just allows the phone to accept a sim card from any carrier.

  21. Rosapink

    Rosapink Lurker

    I did unlock my inspire after purchasing a code from Ebay and now i am using with the T-mobile SIM card but i ran into 2 problems:

    1- Cant seem to get 4g, so far i havent seem the "H" icon up there, even in place where coverage is great
    2- when receive a TXT never show the persons name but the phone
    3- I cant download anything from android market, it still recognize my device but it wont let me delete or modify the carrier.

  22. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    1. You will not see 3g/4g since this phones does not have the 3g bands used by tmobile. It has 850/1900. Tmobile uses something else.
    2. If you are running gingerbread, this may be related to that update.
    3. You can't connect to Wifi and access the market?

  23. Rosapink

    Rosapink Lurker

    Well, the problem with the contacts i solved i found out it had something to do with facebook for HTC SENSE, since i deleted my account on facebook the contacts got messed up, i took of the sync and it works normally now.

    Sorry i am new to this, what is "gingerbread" ?

    I can access the internet but the market is acting weird now since it doesn't recognize my carrier as At&t anymore. I used an app called "MARKET ACCESS" that i found here on the forum and it fixed part of the problem, i can download apps now but i am still not able to get any paid app.

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