Jul 24, 2011
It seems to me that the minimum distance required of dragging the unlock ring up is too small. With a fairly easily pressed wake button, and a sensitive touch screen, it can pocket unlock. It would be really nice to be able to customize that drag distance. Any thoughts besides forcing a full lock immediately?
I believe there is a built in option that detects whether your phone is in your pocket, so that's not a serious worry.

***Nevermind. I just checked and that option only pertains to the volume of the ringer.
What feature is that? As far as I know, the phone will use maybe the prox sensor to determine ringer volume, not for unlock purposes. After a number of pocket dials and texts sent, I'd have to disagree!

The drag required to unlock is only about 1/2 inch.
4-point trace is the minimum, and it has become a pain to do that on every single unlock, when just a longer initial swipe should solve the problem.
No one else?

The same issue causes the phone to answer an incoming call when removing it from my pocket.
I've never had it happen but I do see that the distance required to unlock is very, very short. I could see how that would be a problem. Might not help any but I carry my phone screen facing my thigh. Maybe a change in how you carry it might help if you haven't already tried it. Sorry, only thing I can think of.
As far as mistakenly answering calls & in case you don't wanna root, you can try a different dialer. I have Rocket Dial, cost $5 but they offer a free 5 day trial, very very customizable, interface could be better & I'm sure there are a bunch of dailers out there for less. Reason I suggest this one is because it gives you the option to swipe left or right to answer or decline a call don't know if others do but I'm sure I'm not the only one with a custom dialer so chime in people!!! Only problem is contact pics are very crappy as you can see below & that's a small pic.

I only had that problem once, and that occurred when I was mowing the lawn. I had some earbuds in (mowing is rather monotonous) and I realized the same song had played three times. I apparently unlocked it in my pocket and set it to repeat. I found the best way to remedy this is to either flip the phone around so the cameras are facing your body, and not the screen, and/or buy a case. Even a cheap TPU case (like the one I use) keeps the distance just far enough away to put a damper on your ability to pocket unlock.