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Unlock x10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by duarab, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. duarab

    duarab Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone know where i can get my x10 unlocked?



    RAND0M1ZER Member

    How exactly do these companies get these unlock codes? That is something I have always wondered.
  3. d_dan

    d_dan Newbie

    Guys if you are stuck I can get unlock codes from sony.
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  4. gepall

    gepall Lurker

    Please do so as i am stuck with my phone and cannot get it unlocked.
  5. qwer23

    qwer23 Lurker

    Are you serious? would be a great thing!
  6. X10Xperia

    X10Xperia Lurker

    Hi @duarab

    I have my SIM network unlock PIN for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 from here


    SIM network unlock PIN

    B. R.
    Chris ;)
  7. K0T4K

    K0T4K Lurker

    What exactly does "unlocking" do? I know its not like debranding so Im sorry for the No0b Question!
  8. Bexy

    Bexy Android Enthusiast

    It means you can use any sim card in it. For example if it were locked to Vodafone UK, if you unlocked it, you'd be able to use Orange/O2, etc. And I believe sims from other countries while there. Where as debranding would just remove the Vodafone crap from the phone :p but, still only can use a Vodafone sim card.
  9. Stuu

    Stuu Member

    They gererate a code by the IMEI number, Which then unlocks the phone..
  10. Shonan

    Shonan Android Enthusiast

    Hi there d_dan can you still get the codes my x10 was on 02 but it is unlocked and i use my three sim, tho im not sure if its factory or sim unlocked, im worried bout updating and it gets locked

    any help would be very grateful
  11. brendanb581

    brendanb581 Newbie

    An update should not change anything, so it should still be unlocked after.

    How well does you 3 sim card work in your xperia, i'm gonna put a 3 sim in mine when i get one... what internet settings and such do you need to enter in?

  12. Ramsayel

    Ramsayel Lurker

    If you are serious then please help me out ive been trying invain for too long now!!
  13. Shonan

    Shonan Android Enthusiast

    ok, guess i will jus hav to wait for the update now then, seems like its taking forever to come to me ?

    Yeah works all good and well on the 3 sime, i had to put the settings in manuelly, i didnt use the ones 3 gave me cos they never worked, had to play round wif um till they worked, if you need the settings bud jus give me a shout and ill send um over to you :D
  14. benedworth

    benedworth Lurker

    Help me!!! i' stuck with mine! i can't seem to get an unlock code from anywhere!
  15. jigsjigz

    jigsjigz Lurker

    Anychance u could get me a mini pro unlock key? Jigs
  16. DarkteK

    DarkteK Newbie

    All those websites ask for money, isn't anyway to unlock by ourselfs?
  17. Didz04

    Didz04 Newbie

    Any reliable sites? I don't mind paying but if there is a site that does it for a maximum of
  18. da-silver

    da-silver Lurker

    can you help i have been waiting on a unlock code for 3 weeks now. can you get it for me
  19. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    No, there is no free way to unlock the X10.
  20. allambition

    allambition Well-Known Member

  21. suupra88

    suupra88 Lurker

    This may sound stupid, but won't this problem go away if you just put in a new sim?
  22. mikepweng

    mikepweng Lurker

    sir, can you get me the unlock codes from sony? what do you need? thanks
  23. mollyhic

    mollyhic Lurker

    Can u get me the unlock code ?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


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