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unlocked android phones on at&t

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by db122, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. db122

    db122 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone using unlocked phones on AT&T? I've got a family plan w/two iPhones (none of them mine) so adding a new Android phone would be pretty affordable. I could buy a used myTouch 3G (or buy a new Android Dev Phone 2) or buy a use G1 (or Android Dev Phone 1). I know none of these are 3G-capable on AT&T but they aren't 3G in my area anyways -- I mainly use Wifi.

    Thoughts anyone? Any gotchas with using these phones on AT&T?


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  2. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I may be ordering a GSM Droid next week. I'll let you know how the "Edge" voice calling goes, but don't expect the Euro versions to get 3G speeds for internet. The Canadian version DROID "may" work on AT&T with 3G internet. If interested, keep an eye in the DROID forums, but I plan on going with the T-Mo 500 minute + Web2Go (full internet) for $39/mo. total.
  3. db122

    db122 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I never even considered the GSM Droid. Great idea, I will definitely keep an eye on it.
  4. wjsturgis3

    wjsturgis3 Lurker

    I bought an unlocked Rogers HTC Magic and use the $15/month data only package from AT&T. Seems to work just fine. However I have to rely on Rogers online support. Blogs don't seem to happy with Rogers.
  5. dodgeram02

    dodgeram02 Newbie

    im useing the TELUS HTC HERO on ATT and love it...3g very fast....
  6. 4 days until my HTC tattoo hits my doorstep and my iPhone SIM takes a vacation from it's native SIM tray. I'll let you know what I think ASAP.
  7. Thanos

    Thanos Lurker

    got a droid/milestone unlocked, it makes calls, and that's about it, won't connect on edge for mobility internet, and though it shows it's connected to my wifi, it doesn't surf. Not sure if I'm missing something, or it just won't work with att.
  8. visitador02

    visitador02 Newbie

    Same here, but I have been able to rely on HTC online for support.
    If you guys follow the Rogers forum, you'll find that the Rogers Magic should be getting a 1.5 upgrade with HTC sense (making it similar to Sprint's Hero) and then another one sometime this year to 2.1 Android.

    As an aside, Rogers and Fido phones that are 3G capable should generally be able to take advantage of AT&T's 3G because they use the same frequencies over there. Thank you Canada.
  9. visitador02

    visitador02 Newbie

    Maybe you have to input manually the APN settings. Check the settings of your phone. Don't remember the APN settings for AT&T but you can google that.
  10. fastyzfr1

    fastyzfr1 Lurker

    I have the tmobile mytouch g2 3g. I get edge fine after configuring the apn. I have not been able to figure our how to get data while on a call. Anyone know if this can be done?
  11. Only a 3G or wifi connection can do that. Sorry. Not on EDGE.
  12. pjensen

    pjensen Lurker

    I have a gsm droid with an ATT sim out of a blackberry and everything short of 3g works fine
  13. jaydenrm6

    jaydenrm6 Lurker

    Hi I will be using an unlocked mytouch 3g with att.I want to put in the settings for mms to work but I don't want the data to work.will like to only use the wifi.can any one help how to do that.thanh you.
  14. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast


    thats what i use, just check leave mms enabled when you place it on your home screen
  15. renaissanceU1

    renaissanceU1 Lurker

    is there a way to use an unlocked phone on AT&T without getting a data plan? wifi is enough for me.
  16. visitador02

    visitador02 Newbie

    Sure, if you are using any android phone, just don't set the APN or get the APNdroid app (which is a switch to turn on and off the APN). Then, you won't get data.
  17. renaissanceU1

    renaissanceU1 Lurker

    i've heard that AT&T can automatically detect if you have a smartphone by your IMEI number, and will charge you the data plan no matter what. will turning off the APN prevent them from knowing that you have a smartphone?
  18. visitador02

    visitador02 Newbie

    No. Knowledge of the IMEI number is not dependent on APN. Think about it. Dumbphones that do not have APN have existed for eons and AT&T always knew their IMEI. Some AT&T customers got away with the $15 data plan for non-AT&T branded smartphones mainly because AT&T's database did not recognize the kind of phone that the phone's IMEI provided. If it is a smartphone sold by AT&T, AT&T will certainly know. But it seems that Google or HTC did tell AT&T enough so that AT&T will now recognize the Nexus One as a smartphone and charge you the $30 data plan.
  19. renaissanceU1

    renaissanceU1 Lurker

    thanks, visitador02!

    does anyone know of a smartphone that AT&T does not recognize, and will not force a data plan on?
  20. wjsturgis3

    wjsturgis3 Lurker

    I bought an unlocked Rogers HTC magic and started using it after about 6 months of using the $15 AT&T data plan (no messages, unlimited data) on a HP iPAQ windows mobile phone. There was no change in my bill. BTW, I rooted my phone and am using a custom CursorSense ROM.
  21. tamanaco

    tamanaco Member

    The IMEI number is a number that is set by a standards group and specific series of these numbers are assigned to vendors. Given a IMEI number "anyone" can find the manufacturer and model by entering the IMEI in sites similar to this one http://www.numberingplans.com/index.php?page=analysis⊂=imeinr
    So, most likely, AT&T knows exactly what phone you're using on their "Data" network based on your IMEI.

    They recently passed a policy that requires "Smarphones" like the N1 to have a data plan. Now, what's not clear, is if AT&T will allow you to have that phone in their network just for voice. No data whatsoever. See Data Plans and Smartphones in their terms and conditions here: PLAN TERMS - Wireless from AT&T.

    Given the current animosity between Google and Apple and the tight relationship between AT&T an Apple... the fear was that AT&T would cripple or disable the N1s (specifically) when AT&T identified them on their network. This was "speculation" based on Apple pressuring AT&T to do so given that Apple has an "exclusive" contract with AT&T that prevents Apple from offering the iPhone on other networks. "Maybe" this "exclusive" contract prevented AT&T from offering a Smartphone with features similar to the iPhone. (The iPhone is AT&T cash cow and AT&T has not offered a Smartphone that challenges the iPhone's features) AT&T, so far, has done nothing to cripple N1s given their existing policy on unlocked phones shown here AT&T Choice under Can I use my non-AT&T phone.... They "might" never do anything to affect the N1 as Apple might only have a say on Smartphones offered/supported by AT&T. We all know that AT&T does not "officially" support the N1 on their network.
  22. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Word is a 850/1900 (and heavily knee-capped) version of the desire will be subbed by AT&T making the N1 a competitor to it as well as the iphone. Most folks are still not having problems with any phone that AT&T does not sub outside of the N1 so I agree that the policy appears to be directed at the N1 specifically. I have been on medianet for a long time with unbranded non subbed smartphones and no issues.

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