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Root unlocked MT4G internet not working please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by legendmouse, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. legendmouse

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    So I bought an unlocked Mytouch 4g and put in my wireless SIM card and set my apn setting. I have everything working fine on it except the internet. All my widgets are working as well as my YouTube and Amazon the only things that won't work are the browser and marketplace. I can't figure out where I screwed up. Please help me. Oh and I wireless is a mobile affiliate and broadcast on the same bands as my wifes unlocked Hd7 works fine.


  2. net40

    net40 Lurker

    If the default home page for the Internet (browser application) is T-Mobile web2go then it would work if you were on T-Mobile data plan..
    1. Properly set the APN settings for (DATA and MMS) save and power-off (remove battery also).
    2. Go to the Internet app and tape in the address space (don't worry about the data error warning) the desired web page page (i.e. Google ) and see if the data plan already works.
    If that is true, just bookmark that page (then go back to the home page of the phone and tap on an empty space and create a shortcut to the bookmark you just created - use that instead of the Internet app widget).

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