Root Unlocking and boot problems



Actualy, I can unlock my MoPho.
The problem is that it happens not in the same way as it discribed in manuals.
And I think that this is the reason of my boot issues.

The manuals say that I should
- flash derpunlock.sbf
- moto-fastboot oem unlock
- moto-fastboot oem unlock <ID>

What I have:
I'm flashing derpunlock.sbf. This process runs extremely fast for me! May be about 5 seconds, not longer. As I can remember, I've read that it should take about a minute or so.
OK, may be I'm lucky with such speed, but! Then, when I'm rebooting my phone, I already have "Unlocked" label in the top-left corner of the screen. Seems like I don't need to run moto-fastboot commands.
Anyway I'm running these commands. Surely, my phone stays unlocked.

This situation wouldn't bother me, if I can boot/reboot my phone normaly.
The problem is that after unlocking the bootloader in such way I can't power on the phone at first time.
I mean every time I'm [re]booting. Not only immediately after unlocking.
I always need to pull the battery and try to power on again.
Sometimes I need to do it 3-5 times, sometimes 30-40, before the phone will "rise".

Now, if I flash back to the stock sbf, I'll get fully working phone. I mean, it boots at first time. No problems with it.

In the earliest unocking manuals I've saw the link to the full sbf with unlocked bootloader, but I can't find this file now. I think that the problem is that my bootloader is not flashing correctly with derpunlock.sbf. So, may be someone has this full sbf?

Anyway, I'm not the MoPho guru, and I would be very grateful for any help.

Thanks in advance,