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Unlocking HTC Desire Telus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chuck_Vindaloo, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

    I just purchased an HTC Desire from Telus in Canada. Just came back from Pacific Mall disappointed as no one could unlock it. Any reputable websites you can recommend where I could purchase an unlock code online?

  2. the_ahmadzais

    the_ahmadzais Member

    There is one place I found out of soo many its called fone eleven in guildford mall they were gonna unlock mine but.couldnt cuz telus sold me refurbished phone and I have to go return it tmr. But the codes are like 50$ cuz its new rom or something
  3. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

  4. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

    Thanks Dave, do you estimate 2 - 4 weeks for the codes? How will I find out?
  5. lowkey69ac

    lowkey69ac Member

    Ho ware the LCD screens on the HTC desire from telus? I have seen comparisons online and LCD looks VERY washed out compared to AMOLED
  6. minzer

    minzer Member

    hey Chuck_Vindaloo, where do you live?
    i live in victoria, BC, Canada, and in my area stores say the htc will arrive in bout 2 weeks, so its not availabe for me yet.
    and what color is your desire? black?
  7. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

    I live in Toronto. Mine is a greyish brown.
  8. minzer

    minzer Member

    so its the normal original color?
  9. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

    Yep. I've only heard of the grey/brown and silver.
  10. minzer

    minzer Member

    there are black ones in the UK, and they look absolutely amazing.

    so im guessing it will be the same color as yours here in British columbia. but on the telus website, if you go to the HTC desire section and click a plan of 1,2,3 years or no contract, it says the htc desire is black.

    search for htc desire black on youtube, its shiny and i think it looks the best, silver is pretty close tho.
  11. ehab210

    ehab210 Lurker

    Guys, what happens if I buy an unlocked phone from the UK.
    Is it possible to ship it to Canada without problems or the customs will hold it?
  12. anm00727

    anm00727 Newbie

    unno whether of not its too late, but cellunlock.net works, i got it on the monday after the release :) 50% off with crackb50 coupon code too!

    ehab: I suggest you get the telus one which can be unlocked. now costing 20 bucks on cellunlock.net
    Customs probably isnt an issue, but an european one, you wont be able to use 3G :\
  13. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    It won't work on 3g
  14. pinemeadows

    pinemeadows Lurker

    It was suggested to me, by a guy at a Telus store, that unlocking the Desire might void its warranty. I have unlocked it and am having some issues with lockups so this suggestion worries me.

    He also said that he could not even help me as Telus regards their support terminated by the unlocking. I can understand why Telus would say this if they aren't making any money on the sale. I bought the phone outright. Surely Telus wouldn't subsidize such sales.


    P.S. The guy did say that he would unofficially help me. He was very helpful and knew his stuff.
  15. koolbreeze

    koolbreeze Lurker

    Which service did you use to unlock, maybe it had something to do with the unlocking service?
  16. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    SIM unlocking wont void your warranty, but may breach your contract with the network.
  17. anm00727

    anm00727 Newbie

    it will not void warrenty (unlocking via code), but it would void the telus/bestbuy/futureshop/walmart return policy. So if anything happens, you can still go to htc.
    pinemeadows likes this.
  18. Frank_Toronto

    Frank_Toronto Newbie

    I would like to know this too. My Desire is on its way and I am researching unlocking options.
  19. pinemeadows

    pinemeadows Lurker

    I got an unlock code from mobileincanada. It took less than an hour and worked first try.

    I have decided that the screen and lockup problems are hardware or firmware and have returned the unit to a warranty repair service by courier.

    In between lockups, etc., I really enjoyed the Desire and hope that it's repaired soon.
    Frank_Toronto likes this.
  20. critic

    critic Lurker

    Hy! I would like to know if you can supply with an unlocking code for an HTC Desire with the IMEI 357841036348452, and don't tell me that it's 74648976 as another 3 sites specialized on unlocking told me because isn't working. It was bought from Vodafone Malta. Of course I'll pay, but tell me if you have an working code.
  21. Chuck_Vindaloo

    Thread Starter

    Try Unlock Blackberry & Any Cell Phones Remotely by Code | CellUnlock.net

    it worked for me.
  22. Androidin'

    Androidin' Newbie

    I received my unlock code from cellunlock.net for $20 and received the code in about 5 minutes.
  23. ashu7576

    ashu7576 Lurker

    Wat was the final price u have to pay incl. taxes fr ur htc desire bought from telus in canda..i m talkin abt the no contract htc desire..
    plz tell me as i m also plannin to buy frm there..
  24. Androidin'

    Androidin' Newbie

    I paid approx $503 taxes in for my Desire. Of course you might pay less if you buy it in a province with lower tax than the 12% here in BC.
  25. ashu7576

    ashu7576 Lurker

    after buyin phone fr 503$ ..how much money u have paid fr unlockin the phone nd frm which site u have unlocked it..??

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