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Unlocking HTC Tattoo on Orange UK

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iliko, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

  2. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    If you have done this does the google apps work, even the mail when download a file??
  3. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes it was crashing afterwards. So I flashed the ROM and downgraded OS to version 1.6.405 and Google mail work fine now.
    I do not understand why the phone still remains locked to Orange UK after flashing it?
  4. deanbag

    deanbag Lurker

    Hey iliko

    does this mean your Tattoo is now de-branded, all the grey Orange menus etc have gone?

    If so could you post here some instructions on how you did this as ive never modded a phone before but really want my Tattoo to be as it should be.
  5. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes it is de-branded now.
    I will try my best to translate the instruction from Russian on my next post.
  6. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Typing it for third time now as my bloody Firefox was crashing
    WARNING: This is not an official instructions and it may damage your phone. It is completely up to you if to do it or not.

    [HOWTO] Create a GoldCard - Bypassing the RUU/SPL CID check to Root/Downgrade If you are stuck on a ROM you don't like (Orange UK/asian carrier etc.) you can use this howto to create a goldcard to bypass the CID checks so you can downgrade and root your HTC Tattoo.

    01. Download QMAT 5.06 here
  7. BTaylor

    BTaylor Newbie

  8. dusan7

    dusan7 Lurker

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    I tried to flash the rom as you describe - followed all steps exactly, but after hboot
    it says clicdiag.zip no image

    Can you please help

  9. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That is what happened to me for couple of days. Either device can not see the file on SD or see the card as golden one.
    Try to rename the CLICIMG.zip to CLICDIAG.zip and see if it tryies to load it.
    Another possibilty is the SD does not suit, try to find another one.
  10. reuven

    reuven Newbie

  11. dusan7

    dusan7 Lurker

    This file is a .exe file. Did you rename the exe file to clicimg.zip?
  12. reuven

    reuven Newbie

    No, its a utility from HTC that flashes the ROM over USB.
  13. dusan7

    dusan7 Lurker

    All ok guys. Its done!!!
    i followed all the above instructions but with one difference.
    No clicdiag.zip copied in the sd card. Only after booting the phone in Hboot mode with the vol-down and power button, i pushed the back button and it took the phone in in usb fastboot mode. After that i plugged the phone via usb cable to the pc and executed the downloaded ''RUU_Click_HTC_WWE_1.67.405.6_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver.exe'' from the pc. After that the update started and the phone became flashed!!!:D
    Now the phone has all the availble European languages to select.
    Hope this will help other trying to flash their Tattoo's
  14. deanbag

    deanbag Lurker

    as stated above im a noob and im stuck at the start.

    ive got to ...

    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb shell cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    adb server is out of date. killing...
    *daemon started successfully *
    cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid: not found

    ive managed to get sdk to display the phone serial but once its said "killing" my phone will no longer sync to pc(disconnects) and will only connect again after re-booting the pc.

    can anyone let me know what im doing wrong?
  15. iliko

    iliko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hve you tried it with closed HTC Sync?
  16. BTaylor

    BTaylor Newbie

    It worked perfectly! Thank you so much! And you too iliko!
  17. deanbag

    deanbag Lurker

    I didnt open the HTC Sync program, just selected HTC Sync on the phone instead of usb drive. It connected. I ran the command and it tells me it cant be found.

    any ideas why it says adb server is out of date and what its "killing"?


    hate to be a nuisance as others seem to be able to get it work.
  18. BTaylor

    BTaylor Newbie

    Firstly, is USB debugging enabled on your phone? To check, go to settings>Applications>Development. Enable it if it isn't

    Secondly, when it comes up with the options as you plug it in, just ignore it and hit back. It should then just enable usb debugging mode and not sync or hard drive.

    That should do it :)
  19. deanbag

    deanbag Lurker

    thanks for your reply, ive tried it as you say without selecting a connect type and enabling usb debugging but its still gving me cid:not found

    ive formatted the card by phone, by pc, mounted, unmounted, windows 7 and now windows xp but still says cant be found.

    although if i run 'adb devices' it finds the device.

    im using a sandisk sdcard which ive read on other forums should be ok.

    anyone with any more ideas?
  20. terranim

    terranim Newbie

    Thanks to everyone for the instructions provided here.

    Although I was able to recover the applications that Orange removed (as documented in my other post), I was still fed up with GMail falling over whenever it was faced with inline images or attachments. It also annoyed me that I could not remove the game demos and applications that Orange had installed. Therefore I decided to take the plunge and update the firmware in my Tattoo.

    Just thought I would make a few notes that others might find useful:

    * I installed the 1.67.405.6_WWE image listed elsewhere in this post.
    * Installing a standard HTC ROM on an Orange phone seems to work fine. Even the APN settings for the mobile internet access were automatically set to the correct values (I assume they are read from the SIM).
    * I cannot understand why Orange felt the need to adjust the look of the interface, the original is much nicer!
    * The GMail, GoogleTalk and YouTube apps are all present in the aforementioned ROM image.
    * After updating I was still able to make phone calls and access the mobile internet.
    * When installing the new image I did not reboot the phone as per instructions, but instead let the HTC installer automatically reboot the phone into the correct mode.
    * I created a GoldCard using an old Nokia 128MB MicroSD card. Surprisingly, it still works in my Nokia phone even after formatting to FAT32 and applying the GoldCard method to it.
    * I am a Linux user, but use Windows XP (when I have to) in a virtual machine via VMware Player 3.0. I found that I was able to connect the phone through to the VM and run the HTC installer executable without issue!
  21. Huw

    Huw Member

    Excellent, glad it worked out for you Terranim. And thank you for posting your notes here, I've no doubt that will come in handy for forum members and wandering Googlers alike. :)
  22. Skywolf76

    Skywolf76 Lurker


    worked like a breeze.
    Followed steps 1-19 of the long how-to, then diverted to dusan7's way.

    A note to other newbies like me: I think you don't need to install the Android SDK, all you want is the command line tool which is in the zip/tgz file that you downloaded. (Took me the better part of an hour to install all the Android Development APIs and whatnot, only to find out that I hadn't needed to do so.)

    One more thing: What is a gold card? What is it for? At the moment I think it's a 'special' SD card, and the phone will allow to install a different ROM if it's there. But if that was all, then what prevents us from using a gold card to install a 'rooted' android on the phone? Or a CyanogenMod or whatever?

    Well, thanks anyway


  23. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Newbie

    What brands of SD card are recommended?
  24. reuven

    reuven Newbie

    A goldcard is a card that allows the flashing software to skip the CID check (CID is a number burned into the SD card flash at manufacture) and allow installation of any properly signed ROM onto the device. You need root access to install cooked firmware, because there's no way to sign the ROM without HTC's private key. So as long as the ROM you're trying to flash was released by HTC, you're fine.
  25. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Newbie

    I understand what a GoldCard is and I only want to get rid of the Orange firmware for the original HTC one (as described above!!!). I can see the instructions above about how to make one, but it states only certain brands of SD work when making your GoldCard.

    What brands are recommended for making a GoldCard?

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