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Unlocking screenlock with broken digitizer

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kruku, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. kruku

    kruku Lurker
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    I have a specific problem. Last weekend I broke my HTC Desire digitizer. Only 1/4 of the screen work - bottom right corner. I have pattern screenlock, and most of the pattern is on not working area of digitizer unfortunately so I cannot unlock my phone at all. I can only try to login with my Google account, however I can focus fields with trackball, but then cannot use keyboard with it. I read that it is possible to remove the lock using computer, but here comes another problem. I have wi-fi turned off and after plugging in USB cabel my phone goes directly into the charging mode and because of broken digitizer I cannot select USB drive mode. Is there any solution for removing this screen lock, maybe forcing phone to run in USB drive mode somehow?

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  2. GalaXyAnGel

    GalaXyAnGel Lurker

    did you ever solve this? I have run into the same problem, but with a different phone.

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