Help Unlocking SIM lock results in bad gravity sensor?

So I unlocked my Inspire 4G using IMEI number method, and it seems that the SIM card from a non-AT&T carrier works well on my phone, though without data service.

But there is one problem with my phone now. The gravity sensor seems broken for some reason, because the screen does not switch when I rotate my phone. I hope it's not due to the unlocking process, which is sopposed to have nothing to do with the hardware.

I traveled by plane for 15 hours yesterday while using the airplane mode. Maybe that is the problem?

Anyway, I was just wondering how to let the gravity sensor work on my phone.

Thanks a lot!


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I guess I found the solution from the HTC help community. Some games, in my case the Asphalt 5, monopolizes the G-sensor so the other applications cannot use it any more. As long as the game application was forced to stop, the G-sensor worked fine again.