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Unlocking Sony Xperia X10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by barry_c, May 15, 2010.

  1. barry_c

    barry_c Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I just bought a Sony Xperia X10 (orange phone). I am trying to get the phone to work on Vodafone Ireland.

    I got the unlocking codes on a site. tried them the phone seemed to unlock.

    When I power the device up it asks me to enter my pin as normal. Then I am propmted to enter a Network unlock pin. I have tried entering the Unlock code, my PIN, my unblock code. It keeps telling me that pin is wrong & for me to contact my network operator.

    When using an orange SIM, phone works ok.

    I presumed that the unlock code was wrong so I went to a shop to get the unlock code & they supplied me with code I got over the net.

    Any one have this problem, or now to resolve it. I have all providers and repsonse are as follows:
    Orange: You are not existing customer.... Cant help you
    Vodafone Ireland: Contact orange or go to a shop to get it unlocked.
    Internet site: Still awaiting reply

    Any one got any ideas or solutions.

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  2. ECBomb

    ECBomb Member

    I ran into a problem when I was unlocking my phone as well. The phone asked me for the unlock code after I put in a different carrier's SIM card and it said my unlock attempt was UNSUCCESSFUL. I couldn't even try the unlock code again as the pop up never came up again. I know it was still not unlocked because I could not properly make phone calls.

    I asked the support people from the place I got my code and the only thing they could think of was to do a hard reset on the phone. I reluctantly did a hard reset and the problem was somehow solved (don't ask me why it solved it, but it did). Weird thing was that my bluetooth connection problem with my car was also solved! A hard reset does wonders so give that a try before panicking. Hope this method works for you.
  3. x8user

    x8user Lurker

    Hi guys, any chance of sharing that unlock code? sure would be appreciated!
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Unlock codes are specific to individual devices and tied to the carrier
  5. allambition

    allambition Well-Known Member

    The unlock codes are unique for each phone that is locked to a specific network. It works through the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your phone and the unlock code is based upon that. The code should work the 1st time you try it, and you shouldn't have any problems after that if it is really unlocked. Make sure you are using a well-know unlocking service too - here is a good list:
    Mobile Phone Unlocking Services Reviews and Ratings at Review Centre
  6. jakeythesnake

    jakeythesnake Lurker

    Hi all, just dropping in to say I sim unlocked my HTC Desire HD following a procedure here:

    [GUIDE] Radio S-OFF, SuperCID, SimUnlock + Root - xda-developers

    Now it may not be exactly the same for X10's, but they both run Android, so it can't be too different (if at all), surely? However I'm no expert, so go and ask in that thread if it works for all Android devices (and if not, why not, then report back here - I'll be interested).

    But regardless, the X10 came out aeons before the DHD, so there *MUST* be something similar for your phone. If it can be found anywhere, it can be found on xda-developers.

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