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Unplanned Seawater Test

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SecondShot, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Ok, this last week i was on vacation at the beach with my family. I brought my phone to the beach one day and forgot to bring a plastic bag to put it in so i dropped it in her beach bag. I figured, it was a nice day and what could possibly happen. (and i am generally super careful with my devices)

    Well, I was sitting there reading a magazine and i heard a large wave crash and here comes the water. My wife freaks out and jumps up grabbing her beach bag (which is waterproof) and other stuff so it won't get wet. In the fray, my phone pops out and into the oncoming water. Now i was freaking because I am on vacation for a week and this thing is my lifeline to work and people etc. Plus i was going to be fishing offshore and would not be able to go to a verizon store to get a repair if necessary.

    Well, i pull the phone out of the water and the screen is on. It says its in dock mode (its not in the dock obviously, so something is wrong). I immediately try to turn it off to prevent any shorts, but spaz out and hit reboot instead of power off. Well, it reboots to power on. I finally turn it off and we go home.

    Before doing anything i do research on the innerweb for the best way to figure out if its damaged. I get the rice out and after rinsing in fresh water really well (some said to actually submerge in fresh water to rinse all the salt out, but i was too chicken), i dried it off really well. Hairdryer on low for the open bits like the power outlet and the headphone jack.

    After a couple of hours in the rice, i turn it on...i know i know, supposed to let it sit for over 24 hours but i had some people counting on me and i need my phone to communicate somehow. IT CAME ON! Good sign. I could hear music so the speaker worked. Made a call to my wife and it went through. Only problem is no one can hear me. Same if i put in the headphone. I could hear fine, but they couldn't hear me.

    Long story almost over, i stuffed that puppy back in the back of rice and went fishing. 24 hours later, i cranked her up and everything worked fine. Now i tested a call and voila, it worked i could be heard. It is one tough puppy. I am sure there will be down the road issues from the salt, but the fact it didn't die immediately was a huge plus! And for you all that have seen the water test video on youtube, dont be stupid enough to try that trick. You will notice they show you it powers up immediately but they don't make a call and they also don't take the phone all the way through its paces.

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  2. olbriar


    I'm glad that your phone survived. That water and salt might give you grief down the line but at least you won't be on vacation then. Certainly sorry your phone took a dive but way glad to hear it's working.

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