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Aug 13, 2012
Android 11 (Samsung Note 20 Ultra). I'm finding I'm not noticing a lot of notifications recently because on my Lockscreen, if I have 2 or more notifications, a lot of time all I see is the most recent one. I'm 53 and can use my phone without reading glasses but I'm now noticing these very very tiny icons underneath the notification that seem to indicate the other notifications. I can only see them if I swipe.

I swear before, the lockscreen would fill up with as many notifications as it could display. Is this a change in a recent update or is this always how it worked and I just am losing my mind. I've never seen it where there is just one notification showing and then a bunch of empty lockscreen screen real estate when there are several other unread notifications! It's driving me nuts.
No it's always been set to details. Sometimes the notifications fill the lockscreen. Other times there's only one notification and when I swipe to clear it another appears and then another so there's like 2 or 3 hidden behind it. I'm trying to determine the pattern that causes this.