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unreal after being laggy everywhere..i also cant save my apps to my sd card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AlwayzRight, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. AlwayzRight

    AlwayzRight Member
    Thread Starter

    Although the option is there it does not highlight the option. WTF.

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  2. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    It has to be set/changed to go on to the SD card by the app dev. Most apps atm are not, probably will be soon. Cheers
  3. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Android Enthusiast

    Ridiculous! I would return that evo and get a star tac immediately rather than read the many threads that explain these atrocities forced upon you.
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    ^I'm sorry, but... :lma0:
  5. Misbehavin'

    Misbehavin' Well-Known Member

    You realize that the app has to support the move like Traceamount mentioned, right? About half a dozen apps of mine support this at the moment, which was a small percentage overall of what I had.

    That's not the fault of Android, but rather the app developers. What I found sad was the fact that none of my paid apps supported move to SD yet. I would have thought that those apps would have been ahead of the curve.
  6. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Android Enthusiast

    To add to that...this is a very new feature. I wonder how long these people (the devs) have had froyo themselves so they could find a way to mod their app without stopping it from running the way it should.

    Give it a little time, we are phone #2 to have an official upgrade.
  7. Misbehavin'

    Misbehavin' Well-Known Member

    Valid point, although it just seems odd that it seemed like the free apps were more likely to have this feature than the paid apps. Maybe I just bought the wrong apps though! :p
  8. J03

    J03 Android Enthusiast

    Guess you aren't alwayz right
  9. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Android Enthusiast

  10. dredg311

    dredg311 Lurker

    hey guys, just wondering if you guys have a delay when opening a text message?

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