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unrecognised file type

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spaceboy60, May 15, 2011.

  1. Spaceboy60

    Spaceboy60 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else encountered this error with the music player yet? i turn the phone off and then back on again to fix the problem.

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  2. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    Care to describe the error a little better?
    We need specific steps to replicate the error you are getting so that we can look at it and see about getting you a solution.
  3. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    I HAVE THE SAME Problem and its frustrating as hell, particularly as I use an MP3 for my ringtone, the phone just decides to stop recognising file types and I then see a load of missed calls. I used an app called ringdroid to try and resolve but that has made no difference. with that the battery issues, I'm starting to regret the choice of this phone over a couple of others.

    I'm looking forward to someone somewhere knowing why this keeps happening - like you I have to reboot the phone to get the mp3 function back. And thats a pain in itself.
  4. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    hey guys, download this MediaInfo - Download to give us more specific info.

    and does this happen with all user imported MP3 files? or is this regarding ringtones that come pre-loaded?

    def need some more info to be able to help. it could be meta tags or even possibly something wrong with how the file was encoded, etc
  5. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Glad there is someone out there even willing to help try and solve! What should I be downloading where? I am currently on this forum on a pc (not the phone).

    It definitely happens with all user imported MP3's, and is at random, so they will happily play for a while then suddenly stop. My only way to check is to go to Media Player and select one of the very few I have on there, and then I will get the message "files of this type are not recognized" if it is not working again - obviously they play if its working. It's not just ringtones, I just happen to use an MP3 as a ringtone.

    A previous forum I read suggested that the problem started with the way the user removed the phone from the Kies system, and I did indeed find that removing it correctly once solved the problem. However, when the problem recurred I had not used Kies. THe problem now happens on at least a weekly basis and I have not used Kies for a couple of months.

  6. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    The message is, when clicking on an mp3 in media player, "Sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file". The player will not play anything preloaded including Flash Flash by David Kater for example.

    Please please please help as this happening on an almost daily basis now.
  7. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    you said PC so i'm assuming you do mean you have a Windows machine. go to this link directly and download the appropriate GUI, depending on whether you have 32 or 64bit. MediaInfo - Download (if you're unsure of bit, go to control panel, then system and it should be listed as System type)

    then locate one of the MP3 files you have on your computer, right click, and select media info. and window will pop up. on the top of this window, go to view, then select HTML. once you've done that, select everything you see in there and post back as reply. this is so i can tell if there's anything specifically wrong with the files you have.

    you can also try this program Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...) to remove any tags that may be associated with the file. just click on download at the top of that page and then select the setup.exe file.

    it's definitely something going on with your specific MP3 files.
    did you purchase the files, or download from a website somewhere?
    i ask this because purchased files will typically have less issues.

    even further, where are you storing your music files? like exact path from phone (ie, music\ringontes or maybe you just threw it in a music folder, etc). and is there already a music folder that maybe you didn't see that came on the phone? you always want to try to put imported stuff with stuff that was already on the phone, so ringtones with pre-loaded ringtones, notifications with pre-loaded notifications, etc.
  8. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Thanks I'll have a look at this over the weekend, as I am on a work pc right now (yes I have Windows at home too). A couple of points though. It is all music that I have uploaded from my own collection apart from the stuff that came on the phone - there were maybe four files on the phone. When the problem happens, it won't play any including its own (i.e. those that I had nothing to do with!).

    Will report more over the weekend.
  9. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    that last bit is really strange and now leads me to believe it's not a your personal files that you've put on the phone. if it were a problem with your personal files, it should have no effect on pre-loaded ones that came on the device.

    at this point, i would recommend a factory reset. i know you probably didn't want to hear that as a solution, but it may be your best bet tbh.
  10. daemolition

    daemolition Newbie

    I have this problem too. Mine is with both audio and video. I know where my problem lies. When I tranfer music or videos to my phones external memory the artist and album names dont show up and the file doesnt play. However, when I transfer it to the internal memory, everything works like a dream. So, my SD card is just in the phone wasting away.

    I made a thread about this but there was no reply.
  11. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    this was even more helpful information. guys, try this... unmount your sd card and reformat. then try again and let me know what happens.
    daemolition likes this.
  12. daemolition

    daemolition Newbie

    Thanks. I will try that and let you know the outcome.
  13. daemolition

    daemolition Newbie

    Can't believe the solution to this problem is actually this simple. All it needs it re-formatting. I did format the memory card before using it but with my PC. I think formatting it with the phone is what solved the problem.

    Thanks a lot buddy.
  14. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Here is the string of HTML stuff:

    Complete name :C:\Users\Melanie\Music\Guns N' Roses\GnR Greatest Hits\02 Sweet Child O' Mine.wmaFormat :Windows MediaFile size :5.46 MiBDuration :5mn 55sOverall bit rate mode :ConstantOverall bit rate :129 KbpsMaximum Overall bit rate :129 KbpsAlbum :Greatest HitsTrack name :Sweet Child O' MineTrack name/Position :2Performer :Guns N' RosesComposer :Guns N' RosesPublisher :Universal DistributionGenre :RockRecorded date :2004Encoded date :UTC 2059-05-13 11:01:20 / UTC 2011-05-28 20:03:53.745Provider :AMGWM/ProviderRating :6WM/ProviderStyle :Pop/RockPeakValue :32417AverageLevel :9339

    ID :1Format :WMAFormat version :Version 2Codec ID :161Codec ID/Info :Windows Media AudioDescription of the codec :Windows Media Audio 9.2 - 128 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBRDuration :5mn 55sBit rate mode :ConstantBit rate :128 KbpsChannel(s) :2 channelsSampling rate :44.1 KHzBit depth :16 bitsStream size :5.42 MiB (99%)Language :English (US)
    I thought it might only be solved by factory reset, as it seems to be a bug in the media player. I am a little nervous about doing a factory reset and having to reinstall everything I have stored on the device.... sob!
  15. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Hi I saw this reply after installing the media info so I would like to unmount my card and reformat, how do I do that?
    Thanks soooo much hoping this will be the solution (although still nervous as the music which came on the phone was not installed on the sd card, and the fact that turning the phone off and on seems to solve the problem temporarily)....
  16. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    np, glad that took care of it!

    go to menu>settings>storage

    in the top is where you'll see "SD card"
    it should say Unmount SD card. then choose Format SD card
  17. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Hi there, I sat down to do just that last night, spent ages updating the Kies software to back the cards up to etc, and then Kies decided I was due an upgrade to Android 2.3 so that had to process. After that, I formatted and remounted the storage card and so far (one day in) so good. I am hoping that is the end of the problem but will be back if it happens again! So many thanks...
  18. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    you're very welcome :)
  19. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    OK well the problem is back again! This time, I only transferred two mp3 songs (via Kies) to the phone. I set one as a ringtone, and the other just sat. For a while they both played ok (maybe a week), then I started getting lots of missed calls again. The phone was not only not ringing (i.e. making a sound) but the call was actually not being brought through for more than 0.5 seconds before being classed as a missed call.

    Additionally, in the music player, the mp3 which ISN'T the ringtone doesn't play (same old file not recognised thing) whilst the MP3 which is the ringtone WILL play. Just won't ring! So I have set a standard file stored noise as the ringtone and again I cannot use the music player on it.

    By way of background, the phone is now running 2.3 and I did actually unmount, reformat and remount all the memory cards when I ran the upgrade. Samsung have offered to take this unit back for a "look at" as its only 6 months old, but I have no other handset and cannot be without one. So i'm stuck!

    Any further thoughts?
  20. daemolition

    daemolition Newbie

    Uhm....my own problem actually stated again after it seemingly stored l stopped wester the re format.

    I finally realized I was sold a counterfeit memory card. I suggest you test your memory card (there is a, software available). I swapped my memory cards and the problem stopped.

    When I get on a PC, i'll post the name of the software and link
  21. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    OK thanks for tip.... there could be something up with my memory card i guess, it's one i've had for a couple of years, but I simply do not understand why that would stop the music player working - remember this wouldn't work on music which the phone came with (which i have now deleted from the phone as it was rubbish anyway).

    I will check my memory card as well, but I still think there may be a proper solution to this....
  22. daemolition

    daemolition Newbie

    Lmao.....my last post is hilarious! What the hell was I writing? I freaking hate this keyboard. Switching back to the stock keyboard.lol

    Yea, check the memory card too. May be malfunctioning due to old age. Your problem is quite different from mine though. Seems weird. Good thing you're having it checked out. Hopefully a permanent solution comes up.
  23. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    Thats the problem,i can't send the handset for repair as I don't have a spare and need it!
  24. Cooki3

    Cooki3 Lurker

    Im also having the same problem, I have tried your method and it still doesnt work.

    My problem is everytime i transfer/copy music files (mp3) directly into my external 32gb sd card even via kies it goes "file format is not supported" something along the lines of that. But when I copy music directly into my internal memory or through kies it was perfectly with ablum art, artist, ect.

    So I then tried to transfer music from my phone to my sd card, then files get a bit corrupted. All the songs will have the same album art, unknown artist and the songs will skip every couple of seconds.

    I've been trying to look around the forums with people similar to my problems until I saw daemolition who had the exact same problem, except the method you gave to him still wouldnt work for me.

    Im really disappointed and that my 32gb micro sd card is going to waste. Could it be memory card? or the SGS2 is really crap of knowing how to work a sd card properly.
  25. fluffy297

    fluffy297 Newbie

    well Samsung have taken my handset back to look at the problems I reported to them, including battery and continual mp3 problems. I have no faith to be honest that they will sort it all out and it will be a huge waste of money if i can't use the functionality in my handset - it was bought unlocked as a Christmas present and I had the choice of the SGS or Iphone 4. Did I make the wrong choice?!

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