May 15, 2012
I have a few android WiFi only tablets with a hollow white right-triangle in between the WiFi and battery icons. Looking around online, some folks think it's a data roaming. Not only is this tablet WiFi only, but Data roaming in Settings/Mobile networks is unchecked.

Here's a screenshot. It's in between the WiFi and battery icons.

Any ideas what this is?


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Yes the triangle is the data and the other is your WiFi. Now the data looks empty cause your sims card maybe missing or you didn't edit your build.prop so the signal would show. This isn't roaming cause a R would be visible somewhere that R is for roaming.
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That triangle is the cellular signal indicator, it usually appears hollow if there's no SIM or the cellular radio is turned off. These tablets don't have cellular radios or take SIMs? Are they Chinese?

Some tablets do support USB cellular data modems via USB OTG, and then signal indicator appears as it would on a phone.
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You could have a tablet that has cell data/wifi, and another model is wifi only. Can't see someone deleting that symbol on a wifi only tablet when they make both.

Acer did separate. I have an Acer A-500. That is wifi only. The A-501 used network. The W-500 was Windows.
is this thing rooted and running a ROM? when I tried the L Dev Preview on my Nexus 7 it had an empty signal meter as well. even had the whole Mobile Network Settings too. it's a if the preview image was not made for non-data tablets or something.
Your tablet may support devices such as 3g dongles, if it does, this will be the signal indicator for the dongle.
by the looks of the notification area this appears to be Android 4.0--ice cream sandwich. more likely some budget/Chinese tablet that has a ROM that included phone settings and mobile network status, so if it's wifi only you're going to see that signal meter empty unless you enable airplane mode and turn wifi back on.