Unrevoked and 2.2


Hello again guys,

I have only had my EVO a few weeks, and will be the first to admit I do not really understand how root works. However, I added Unrevoked so that I could use SetCPU to underclock my EVO thus saving some battery life. However, when I try to update to 2.2, i get the white caution emblem with the yellow exclamation point. I'm fine with the way my phone is running on 2.1 and have went this long without 2.2. If I am patient, will there be an easy fix to keep my Unrevoked and update to 2.2? If not, I would really appreciate some suggestions on what I need to do. Any negative effects to remaining on 2.1 in the meantime?


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If you are content with what you have there are no ill effects of staying on 2.1 for a while longer. I don't know anything about a possible solution to your problem but staying with 2.1 won't cause any new problems. I assume that the Unrevoked team will have a new root process up whenever they get it completed though.