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unrevoked3 is great but.. i need a kernel for overclock?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by knightwolf123, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    I wanna root and was thinking unrevoked 3. Then wifi tether looks easy too. Just an app that I can use after rooting..

    Ok but what about roms?

    I like the options gingerbread offers..

    I like that games seem better with cryogen 6..

    How do I change roms?
    What about my 4g?
    The older roms had glitches like no camera.

    I really wanna root but I need to know if it is easy for a gear head that works on cars to figure out.

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  2. Havoc40

    Havoc40 Well-Known Member

    +1 I'm in the same boat, also being a wrench. I'm due to get my EVO in a couple days from Sprint (coming from a blackberry) and this is my 1st android phone. Been with Sprint for about 10years. After reading the Rooting for Dummies guide I do feel comfortable doing it, but still have some unanswered questions as well.
  3. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    Welcome guys :). The Rooting for Dummies guide is, indeed, the best place to start. It will explain how to root and flash custom ROMs, and how to do so without losing anything. As for CM, specifically, you will have a few issues here and there. Gingerbread is a bit glitchy still, but stable CM has everything working except for 4g and HDMI. 4g support, however, is in alpha. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
  4. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    So going unrevoked 3 is a good start?

    That way I can get wifi tether at least and maybe a few other settings to play with.

    After rooting with unrevoked can I use other roms?

    I'm going to look at that dummies guide soon as a have a few hours set side to read it for sure.

    I guess I'm antsy to say I did it.I rooted my phone and ruined the warranty whooohoooo
  5. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    Unrevoked is probably the easiest (or at least the safest) rooting method available. Once you root with it, you'll have full root. That means your ROM (stock) is rooted, and you have nand unlocked (plus a custom recovery). The fact that your ROM is rooted means you can, indeed, use wireless tether and any other root-only app. Since it unlocks nand (S-OFF), you can also flash ROMs (with the custom recovery), but you don't need to jump right into that if you don't want to. Certainly read through the rooting for dummies guide until you're comfortable with it. The last thing you want to do is jump into this without having read. The key to successfully rooting and not bricking your phone at any point thereafter is to read, read, read, and read some more. Also, feel free to ask questions when you have them.
  6. Havoc40

    Havoc40 Well-Known Member

    Since I posted in here I'll post what questions I do have while trying not to hijack the OP or starting a new thread.

    My 1st question is once I root using unrevoked3, I'll have ClockworkMOD correct? My 2nd question is do I really need Rom Manager or Amon_RA for anything? From what I've read (literally all day) I can do everything manually, which seems like there's less issues. I personally feel l would prefer the manual route.

    EDIT: Just to mention. I'm going with MikFroYo's 4.5 and Netarchy's kernel. Hopefully that should make my transition to this EVO from my awful BB Tour a good experience :)
  7. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    Yes, unrevoked will give you Clockwork as a part of its process. With that, you can flash ROMs, mods, etc. all my rebooting into recovery, and manually flashing update zips. You do not need to do ROM manager. ROM manager is just a front end for Clockwork, and is known to be a bit buggy. Amon RA is an alternative to Clockwork. You either use one or the other. Some people prefer (Amon) RA recovery to Clockwork because it's been stable for longer. ROM manager won't even with with RA, so you'd have to use recovery manually if you use RA.
  8. Havoc40

    Havoc40 Well-Known Member

    Thanks akazabam I appreciate it. Now for sprint to hurry up with my delivery!
  9. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    Any time :). Oh, and that's a good choice of ROM and kernel. You might want to try it out with just the stock ROM and kernel just for a little bit to get an idea or baseline of what it normally feels like before going straight into a custom ROM/kernel. Just a thought. You don't need to if you don't want to.
  10. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

  11. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    i just rooted with unrevoked 3

    it was a one touch root (super sweet)
    got wifi tether/ overcock/ and a few other goodies. ( from the market )

    next ill need an awsome rom and kernal ( not sure what that is )
  12. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    i like the stock rom (using adwlaincher ex) and i see soooo many bugs with other roms (like no 4g, no hdmi) and other stuff.

    so can i stay with unrevoked3 and get a kernel to get the overclock to work?
    also i want that damn wiimote soo damn bad i can tast it .. grrrr

    everything works on my evo and i want to keep it that way. i use the hell out of my evo and i can kill a 3500mah battery in a four hours sometimes but usually it will last all day (11hour work day btw)
  13. Xtremedays

    Xtremedays Android Expert

    Unrevoked is only the method you used to root your phone. If you have not flashed anything, then you are still on the original sprint rom. There are many out that have everything working. you should nandroid and try a few out to find one you like. After that I would look at getting a custom kernel if it is not fast enough or the battery life is not sufficient for you.

    Here is a list of most of the roms out now:

  14. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    Xtremedays is correct on both counts. There are a lot of ROMs out there with everything working. Basically, any Sense based ROM should be fine. That being said, you can use a custom kernel on the stock ROM, if you want to. The most popular is netarchy. If you need more information on what to flash and what the various terms mean, have a look at this link. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your phone and root, you might look into flashing a custom ROM, then a custom kernel. As for making the wiimote work with bluetooth, you'll need to flash an AOSP ROM like CM. In that case, 4g and hdmi will not work, and you won't have any trace of Sense. 4g will work eventually (it's in alpha), but it sounds like you'd rather have everything working, so...
  15. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    WOW now thats what i call answers. thanx a million guys. looks like im gonna give up on wiimote and get a rom that everything works. then a kernal that kicksass. hopefully with a overclocker/underclocker i can use an agressive kernal and tame it down when i want to. i keep reeding up more and more and am sure all end up rooting and bricking all my friends phones soon. LOL
  16. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    Here's a good write up about kernels to get you started:

  17. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter


    should work if my reading is correct

    4.3.1 = stable
    cfs = flexible and no lag like bfs
    havs = battery life increase
    nosbc = safe for battery

    please correct me if im wrong or i am interpreting something wrong.
    by flashing this with the clockwork built into the latest unrevoked3
    just press vol down/power follow steps to flash the zip file i place on the root of sdcard
  18. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    Make sure to wipe cache and dalvik. Also, just an fyi... unrevoked 3 was just to gain root access, it's purpose has been served.:D If you haven't flashed a rom then you simply have the stock rom. But 4.3.1 is a great kernel, I'm running it myself w/ no complaints.
  19. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    I havent done unrevoked forever. Not sure if I need to . Not sure if I can still get OTA updates but I know after forever I surely cant get ota uodates. Plus every time I look for a rom I might like I always find a major down side to that rom . I guess that probably comes with the territory.
  20. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    First things first, let's find out if you've unlocked nand access (S-OFF), which means you have full root, which also means there is no need to flash unrevoked forever. There are a few ways of finding this out. The most certain way is to go to your hboot screen (power phone off, then power on while holding volume down) and check there. What you're looking for is this:

    Aug 19 2010, 14:29:08

    Make sure it reads S-OFF. That means you have full root.

    Unrevoked3 includes Unrevoked Forever but sometimes it doesn't take and you end up having to flash unrevoked forever afterwards to obtain full root.

    Also, you're absolutely right about not receiving the OTA's. Because you now (assuming you have full root) have a custom recovery, that alone won't allow you to receive any OTA's, and to be honest, why would you need to?!? It's best to just flash a ROM with latest updates included. Not only will you stay up to date and not lose root in the process, but chances are you'll receive those updates a day or two before they're officially released!
  21. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    Yes, that's correct.
  22. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    This is what it says after only running unrevoked 3..
    Supersonic evt 2-3 ship s-off
    Touch panel - atmel224_16ab
    Oct 15 2010, 12:07:00
  23. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Member
    Thread Starter

    i guess I want a Rom that let's.me keep everything and works better, faster, and has better battery life I want to overclock. I want wiimote but want 4g guess I won't be getting cynagen rims
  24. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    You're good to go then.
  25. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

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