Help unsettling HTTP requests


So I have been working on a little app for a few days now and I while using the android monitor in the android studio program I found some HTTP requests that look suspicious to me. They are partly even in Chinese or some other strange language. I would like to know if these are requests by a valid app that I installed but I doubt it since it sends a request to his website every time I install an app. Well see for your self:
07-31 22:03:50.627 23678-25820/? D/SDK: [null:-1] - SimpleHttpHelper RESPONSE success:
url=<censored by me>&sdk_version=
07-31 22:03:50.627 23678-23678/? D/SDK: [null:-1] - -----------上传成功---------
07-31 22:03:50.580 25842-25842/? I/AppsFlyer_1.18: Calling server for uninstall url:
07-31 22:03:50.240 23678-23678/? D/SDK: [null:-1] - SimpleHttpHelper REQUEST:GET<censored by me>&sdk_version=
headers={user_agent=Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 7.1.1; E6653 Build/32.4.A.0.160)}
I feel very unconfortable abount this. Please tell me what to do.