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Unstable 3G

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by roly947, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. roly947

    roly947 Member
    Thread Starter

    Stock phone on B08c, my phone and my wifes loses 3G data signal constantly. I swapped to a Sprint PRL and did the speed up 3G mod. Works great for a while then drops data service. Update the profile, data comes back up, but then after about an hour it drops again. I could be standing in the same spot and it's a hit or miss. My wifes old BB never dropped data service, but the Warp is frustrating me.

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  2. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Android Expert

    This happened to me on the prevail. You have to call boost and have them walk you through manually reprogramming your phone to get 3g. If this is what I assume.. they messed it up somehow. Good luck.
  3. emanuelrv

    emanuelrv Well-Known Member

    I think is the network i haved other htc phone lose ev do and go 1x then loose data
  4. roly947

    roly947 Member
    Thread Starter

    haven't had the phone reprogrammed, they reset all features over the phone back to original settings, worked fine for a week, the back to the same thing on both mines and my wifes phone. it seems more along the line of software related issues, because when the 3g goes down..(service not signal) i do the update profile under settings and it comes back up.

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