Unsure about keeping my Nexus One..


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As some of you may have read, I was shopping around for my first Android phone recently. I'm with AT&T and I didn't really want to deal with switching providers, so my only option was the $529 Nexus One. I've had it for about a week and here's my thoughts.

First off, I am totally sold on the Android platform. It seems like it was made for people who liked the iPhone OS style but not the Nazi-esque rules set by Apple. The apps are quite nice and the touchscreen keyboard is something I have gotten used to and can easily live with it (unlike some people who demand a hard keyboard and are forced to buy the Moto Droid.)

Having said that, I do have a number of concerns, which I would normally just tolerate, but given that I threw down $529 for this phone and I have been hit with a number of financial blows recently (such as my dental insurance company not covering my wife's $2,400 dental work) these issues start to nag at me like a baby screaming into a megaphone.

One big concern I have is with the phone's cell reception. I have read that this phone has numerous issues with this, but I assumed that it was more of a result of being on T-Mobile. It appears that AT&T isn't much different, as I constantly see 0 - 2 bars in the areas that I frequent most. Also, 3g download speeds seem very inconsistent, with download speeds ranging from 297 to 1569 kbps. Also, on more than 1 occasion, the download speed has gone down to dial-up speeds and I had to jump on to the WiFi (which I also have issues about.) Part of my reasoning for getting the N1 and dishing out that money was that I was familiar with AT&T's coverage in my area and I thought it was good based on my experiences with my Moto Q9h. I preferred that over taking my chances with Verizon or Sprint and having to go through the hassle of signing up, porting numbers, then the potential hassle of maybe having to go back to AT&T, etc. If the phone has connectivity issues with AT&T, then I feel I would be better served just going with the Incredible on Verizon or the EVO on Sprint. These phones apparently don't have the same issues the N1 has maintaining a good signal with their networks. Is there any way to resolve the N1's signal issues, even via rooting? (more on rooting later.)

The WiFi settings also are rather finicky. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but quite often the phone has had issues reconnecting to a wireless network when it comes out of sleep. I often have to manually go to the WiFi settings and tell it to reconnect there, as opposed to it just doing it automatically.

There have been a number of times where the screen or soft keys are unresponsive for a few seconds. I don't know if the phone is just "loading" or whatever, but it's happened enough for it to become a noticeable nuisance.

I've found the touch screen to be quite finicky when it comes to games, or rather, games that require an on-screen d-pad and buttons. I don't know if this was a Nesoid exclusive thing, but as I mentioned in other threads, I often can't use multiple presses at the same time, so in Super Mario Bros I can't move forward, run, and jump at the same time. I don't know if this is an N1 issue or an HTC issue or a multitouch issue in general.

I'm also concerned about rooting. I realize that another perk of the N1 is that it is easy to root and has a large number of custom roms available, but I am also aware of the fact that this voids your warranty, and that your phone is basically given a Scarlet Letter that will alert any warranty repair person as soon as they turn on the phone. But then what happens if I have a legitimate issue with this phone? Let's say the menu button stops working. Obviously HTC won't repair it for free, but would they repair it at all? And if so, would it be like $50 to repair, or would it be almost the same price as getting a whole new phone? Has anyone here had issues with their N1's malfunctioning? I'm assuming if this same scenario happened with say, an Incredible, that I would only have to pay what I paid for the phone originally. Am I wrong about that? Again, this would be more of a tolerable issue if I was only putting $200 at risk for rooting as opposed to $529 (or whatever the N1 ends up costing.)

These issues, along with the very real possibility that the N1 could be available in the near future at retail channels at lower prices have me strongly considering returning the phone and just paying the $45 restocking fee as I venture out to Sprint and Verizon and try out their phones on their services, or potentially sit and pray that AT&T delivers us an Android phone that's worth 2 sh*ts. I'm not optimistic about waiting, considering AT&T's history of locking down Android phones, and that their upcoming phones appear to be entry to mid-grade. I need a high powered machine that will not be obsolete in a year, like a Droid or 1ghz phone.

I know it must seem that I'm just ragging on the N1, but for all these issues I mentioned, I still like the phone and could see myself keeping it. Again though, my standards are higher at $529 than they are at $200. This post is really meant to say, "Convince me to keep my N1," because if I really didn't want to keep it I would not have bothered making this long post voicing all these concerns. I would have just sent it back and asked about Verizon VS Sprint (which may be my next big post.)

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I'm holding out for ATT until the end of the Summer.
The only one that looks appealing in terms of specs is the Dell Streak, but that phone is just too big for me. I saw the video demo and it reminded me of those old Palm Pilot flip phones. I appreciate a nice sized screen, but that LITERALLY looks like you're holding a brick to your head. I mean I'm the first one to pick functionality over style, but even that is stretching it, especially with the EVO out there..


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its because the n1 cant multi touch. when u put two fingers on each diagonal corner and then switch them to the other diagonal the n1 inverts them and doesnt register the touch properly. if your more interested i can show u a video that shows it with an app

edit: oh and i would return it man. the n1 has some major issues that htc fails to address or do anything about. its a sick phone but its issues kind of ruin it especially for almost 600 bucks


The nexus-1 is nice and will get first priority when it come's to the updates,as for the screen touch problems i'm sure a fix will be in the mix seeing that the incredible and evo touch pads are the same but different form the nexus-1..


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yeah I actually had a nexus one on ATT, and I sold it, I loved the phone and the android platform, and my N1 actually had better signal than my 3GS, I didn`t have a lick of problem with my N1 I even rooted and it worked awesome, but I saw the droid Incredible and I had too have it, so I place my order yesterday online on VZ website my DI should be here middle of june, but I have 30 days to trial it and see what kind service I get with it, just keep it and you won`t regret it :D


I just switched from my iphone 3gs to the Nexus one. I too noticed a slight change in reception. Where I sit at work, I can no longer make calls, and have to walk away a bit. I can hear the other person, but they can't hear me.

I did notice that the 3G on the nexus one uses a lot less battery than the iphone. I managed to drive an hour last night streaming pandora (with the screen off) with the orange low-battery light blinking the whole time (what percentage does the LED start blinking?) . When I got home it said the battery was 6%. Impressive.

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The nexus-1 is nice and will get first priority when it come's to the updates,as for the screen touch problems i'm sure a fix will be in the mix seeing that the incredible and evo touch pads are the same but different form the nexus-1..

I am not really sure how you are relating the N1 getting a fix to it's touchscreen issues to the incredible and evo having the same touch pads? So far I haven't read anything that says the N1 is getting any fix for its touchscreen, some people have even said that they can't do anything since it's a hardware limitation of the clearpad 2000.

Also anyone on AT&T might want to check out the rumors on the Samsung i897. Similar specs as the N1 but with a better screen, should be interesting if true.


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Here's my new course of action:

Return my N1 and cancel AT&T for my wife and I (a $90 ETF is hardly a deterrant considering our monthly bill was well above that)
I'll jump on Sprint and get the EVO at some point hopefully before my daughter's first birthday.
I'll put my wife on Virgin Mobile where she can get unlimited web, email and text plus 300 anytime minutes for $25 a month.
With this, monthly phone bill will be about $100. Also, if it turns out Sprint and/or the EVO suck, I can return it within 30 day and get no penalty. I'll try them out before I try out Verizon.

Again, as 2003 mentioned, the N1 is by no means a BAD phone, but given it's price the problems it has are just made more prominent and with it's reception problems, the main reason I stuck with AT&T has been removed. I hope I have better luck with the EVO, and I REALLY hope that 4G comes to my area, again, preferrably before my daughter's first birthday (which would be on Feb 28th.)