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Until Google gets their customer service in order, buyer beware....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dingosatemybaby, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. dingosatemybaby

    Thread Starter

    Two days ago I received my Nexus One that simply refuses to recognize any wifi networks. I have sent three emails and received one reply that contained a link to the Nexus One FAQ. I called HTC tech support and was told my case had been elevated and I would receive a call within 24 hours... that was 48 hours ago. Today I decided I would call HTC and see about simply exchanging the phone. Unfortunately, I cannot return my phone because it is out of warranty. Evidently, I purchased my phone ELEVEN YEARS AGO. The CS rep said they are having issues between Google and HTC and transferring purchase records. Because their system is showing that I purchased the Nexus One in 1999, they cannot issue an RMA. She asked me to call back in 5 days to see if the issue was resolved. Until then, I am stuck with a broken phone.

  2. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    That's simply RIDICULOUS MAN!
    So sorry to hear that.

    This is why im wondering if waiting for the N1 on Verizon is a good idea, or if i should just go on and get the droid. I mean if Google wants to sell phones, they're going to have to have extremely better customer support. I haven't one good story about the customer service.
  3. 3rd-Geer

    3rd-Geer Android Enthusiast

    That's absolute BS. You need to call back and get a manager on the phone. There is no way on gods earth you bought it 11 years ago.

    Then you need to make sure you are prorated for the days that you weren't 'able to use the device.

    There is no way I would go for this or even wait an additional day!
  4. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    With many buyers experiencing horrible customer service from Google, do you think Google will begin to build shops?

    I mean, I am sure they would gain more iPhone lovers if they actually had the phone out to be touched and played with. I think this will become important as other "Superphones" are launched. How will one be able to know the pros/cons of one "Superphone" over the other? As of now, of course there is only one product, but i think Google is going to have to put a little more effort into this "evolution" they are planning.

    That means being clear on their partnership agreements with all employees.
    Google is going to have to put more money into this. I think its unfair that they are kinda cutting corners to make money.

    It's like they are not even thinking about the buying experience! It's just "BUY THIS PHONE. NO CONTRACT BESIDES OUR OWN." then once you get the phone "WE MADE OUR MONEY. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. BYE. CHA CHING!"
  5. laztpn0i

    laztpn0i Lurker

    :eek:Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! That is complete BS. The damn phone just came out Tuesday. I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. I hope it all gets resolved.
  6. dingosatemybaby

    Thread Starter

    I bought this phone hoping to replace my iPhone. I was looking forward to moving from AT&T to T-Mobile and cutting my bill by 40%. Fortunately, I haven't ported over yet. At this point, I am going to stick with the iPhone- dropped calls and all- and wait it out for a traditional carrier to get something comparable to the Nexus One where I know if I have any problems at least I will have a better chance of getting them resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.
  7. wonderbread

    wonderbread Android Enthusiast

    It might make you feel better to know that the head of Android and Nexus One development, Andy Rubin, was confronted about this very issue by Walt Mossberg for the WSJ today at CES:

    5:37PM Walt: "I have two questions; the first is there are lots of stories about people who are really unhappy with customer service on this phone. People are being told they'll have to wait two days for service... how is this a good experience for consumers." Andy: "This is a complicated device, it's getting more complex every day..." Walt: "Every day since the three days it's been out?" Ha!

    5:37PM Andy: "We have to get better at customer service."

  8. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    Getting better customer service will require 2 hands...so um...
  9. cm40

    cm40 Newbie

    Well I really find it hard to feel sorry for people that bought the phone as soon as it became available without knowing much about it or the new business model.
    If I can't go into a store to look at something before I buy it I'll stand back and see what happens first.

    It's a bad situation and it sucks that people are having a hard time, some of these things shouldn't happen, but its hard for me to feel sorry for people that really needed to be the first to have this device just because.

    It also annoys me seeing people act like they deserve a discount for already having a plan on T-Mobile. T-Mobile is not selling the phone. Only providing the service for it.

    People that are pissed off that the phone is $530 annoy me too. That's about right if you look at other phones without contract. iPhone is $599 without a contract.

    Sorry to hear about your shitty experience, but the customer service lines are filled with stupid people whining about mundane things that they're getting flooded.
    Hopefully they fix this.
  10. SoCalMiles

    SoCalMiles Well-Known Member

    Yeah I like how the multi-touch portion of that conversation went too... don't know anymore. Its seems like NO ONE IS WILLING TO STAND UP TO APPLE AND RELEASE A TRUE COMPETITOR. At least not on Verizon!!!! I used to be an optimist...I'm slowly becoming the opposite...all the evidence is with the pessimists!!! NO CES LOVE FOR VERIZON!!!
  11. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    The post is about Google customer service being sloppy, not T-Mobile's.
    I had enough of people bashing T-mo because it's not a 'traditional carrier'.
    Guess what? T-Mo has had the best customer service for years, I have been with them for over 10 years actually and I don't recall the last time I had a dropped call. Besides the cheaper plans, the 3g service improved and it's actually getting even faster (fastest nationwide) by mid 2010.
    Not saying you have switch carrier, just noticing you are complaining about dropped calls on AT&T but still you don't port your number because you are blaming T_MO of bad customer service!
  12. dingosatemybaby

    Thread Starter

    Ummm... if you re-read my initial post I don't mention T-Mobile- because you are right it's not a T-Mobile customer service issue. It is Google and HTC's issue. I am not switching because outside of the Nexus One, there is not a phone on the T-Mobile network that I would consider leaving my iPhone for. I know several people like yourself that have been very satisfied with T-Mobile. In referring to "traditional carrier" I was comparing carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint etc to the non-traditional market Google is setting up to sell the Nexus One through. If Google can't service customers that buy smart phones from them directly, they have no business selling them in the first place. I was in no way bashing T-Mobile.
  13. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Wow, sounds like Google's Sales Model experiment is going really well (sarcasm)! Sorry to hear about your problem brother. Honestly, when Google did this, I didn't understand how they could do this. Did they think that they could just roll out a webpage and take money and that was it? Their phone site isn't Amazon.com. Wow, I'm worried that this will be a big embarrassment for Google. Not only are some phones having these kinds of issues, but Google is demonstrating that they are not equipped to handle the issues that go along with distributing and supporting hardware.
  14. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I misinterpreted then.
    Agreed on Google getting its feet wet with dealing directly with the end consumer is proving harder than they thought!
  15. wow cm40 you really are a tool.
  16. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    My ordering/shipping experience hasn't been great and Google has yet to get back to me, but I guess that's what happens when you deal with a company that apparently has only robots working for them and no phones......

    I will likely refrain from ordering from them again, unless they quickly get a Nexus One on AT&T 3G. Then I would probably repeat my mistake. lol :)
  17. cm40

    cm40 Newbie

    `i dont think google is really concerned about a lot of these problems. once the first wave of people come in they'll find the ones with real problems and sort things out. You have to think about the many many people out there bitching about the stupidest things making it hard for those with real issues. I'm sure there's tons of people complaining about the phone not having multi-touch or not working with itunes.

    I don't see a problem with Google's business model. Those that have basic computer skills will find answers to basic problems. the ones with real issues will helped this coming week.
  18. cm40

    cm40 Newbie

    i suppose to some, but i prefer honesty over sympathy.

    and dingosatemybaby, i just say all this because i feel you have a legitimate gripe. i think you should be one of those getting your issue resolved quickly. but my opinion is that because of the many clueless idiots just complaining about the most minor things that it leaves you having to wait for real support.

    dont take this as me saying your situation is bs. i dont think that at all
  19. sergey

    sergey Android Enthusiast

    Hey just remeber these are temporary problems. Remeber the G1? That wasn't a blockbuster hit but look where android is now. Google cares and are flush with cash, they'll get on this quick. Besides what do you want? A iPhone or some early adaptor problems on the n1? Yeah I thought so. It sucks now but be patient and your 11yr old phone will work like like new. :)

    Nobody said it was going to be easy to stand up to Apple. But you and other n1 users are doing just that.
  20. swaze

    swaze Member

    T-MO may have great customer service, but its too bad their network is not up to parr as you can see with the amount of people complaining about not getting 3G service. Google is already having alot of phones returned and T-Mo is directly impacted. But in a nutshell their network SUCKS!!!
  21. jpasint

    jpasint Newbie

    I was thinking the same thing.

  22. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    is it really fair for you to call them idiots?
    you purchased an item worth up to 530 dollars. You should have support. Knowing that Google was going to sell the phone shouldnt have warned you of anything. Google wants to step into this market, they should have their stuff together. As of right now, Google is the idiot for not communicating properly.

    A LOT of people who have this phone and are experiencing issues, have had other smartphones and android devices. When your 3g doesnt work and you need an important email, and you've tried everything, call customer service.
  23. cm40

    cm40 Newbie

    i'm referring to those people clogging up the support forums and support request emails with the stupidest little questions which are the reason the ones with serious problems can't get through.

    is it fair to call them idiots?? sure. Chances are they don't know how to find forums like these that help people find answers. So yes, in my opinion it is fair.

    and to add more to my opinion....

    i may be wrong, but i feel that MOST people that have purchased the phone are quiet happy with it and not in need of customer service support.
    I think its the same with any sales or service business where you're more likely to hear from those not satisfied than those who are.

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