unwanted advertisement pictures on my phone

i've been getting unwanted picture advertisements for Adidas shoes in my photo gallery - only i did not look at any such advertisements, and i did not down load these pictures.

i've deleted them 3 times - and they do delete, but the next day, they show up again....... WHY?!?

i thought it might be a virus or something, so i tried to do a "Lookout Security" check, but it came up with an all clear for my phone...... so what the hell is putting these pictures on my phone, repeatedly, and without my permission? help please.


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Probably a free app you downloaded from the market...the little ads are kept in a cache folder in your SD card to save having to download them again.

Some free apps rely on google ads to remain free of charge to keep going.


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this is helpful to know..... it seems to be this one ad from Adidas, and nothing else. annoying, but at least it is not a virus. thank you!