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unwanted playstore app popups

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    Samsung Galaxy 4S
    Android Version: 4.3

    A few days ago, I was on Snapchat and while I was trying to view a message, it was cut short and brought me to the internet - it was some kind of ad. I tapped the back button on the bottom of the phone (where the home button is) until I was at my home screen. At first I thought it was a one time thing, or maybe a snapchat thing. However it started happening at other points, not only in snapchat (although that seems to be the most common time). In addition, it also sometimes brings me to a random app in the Playstore.

    If it takes me to the internet, sometimes (but not always) I get a message saying "The page at imobi.urmobilegroup.com says: Android System Errors Detected! Press ok to start the scanning process...." Then I see my screen says "Android System Diagnostic: Your phone is compromised" and a scanning process below. After the scanning process says "scanning", it says "Warning: System is in danger!" and then "Your phone is at HIGH RISK". Lastly, a message comes up saying "The page at imobi.urmobile.com says: Attention: (7) Suspicious files found. If not deleted, this may lead to complete system failure. Install recovery app to repair system now!"

    I've been through a few different antivirus scanners already and nothing has been found.

    If anyone can help me figure out what to do to either stop these messages/popups/redirections to the internet or can tell me how to figure out which app(s) is/are causing the problem, it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. docmartn

    docmartn Lurker

    I'm getting something very similar to this. I've also tried running a couple different popup or virus programs and they don't see it.
  3. s4user

    s4user Lurker

    I am having the same problem. Started about 3-4 days ago and when I unlock my phone it opens adds or goes to google play to an app. Very frustrating because it takes several steps to gain my phone use back. Any ideas on how it got in or how to get it to go away would be appreciated. Have an s4....
  4. boricua3205

    boricua3205 Lurker

    I'm having the exact same issue, I hope someone sees this and has a solution.
  5. TNW

    TNW Lurker

    Same problem here too, on a Galaxy S3. I hope someone can provide a solution. I have tried several scanning programs for network access, virus, and so forth, and no problems are ever found. But I get the unwanted popups, the redirects to the play store, and the browser spoofs that try to make me think something is wrong with my phone.
  6. Cruizin1

    Cruizin1 Lurker

    I am also getting the same popups and play store download screens. Like the other posts here, I too have run virus scans and malware detectors with nothing found. I have a new Samsung Galaxy 4 (only 2 weeks old!) so its really frustrating me!
  7. boricua3205

    boricua3205 Lurker

    Has anyone been able to figure this out or find a solution?
  8. 4ajd4

    4ajd4 Newbie

    I'm having the same issue since yesterday. Looks like this thread is listed as solved, but I don't see any solution.

  9. larbar1969

    larbar1969 Lurker

    I started having this same problem after I put a new app from the Google Play Store on my SIII. It was not picked up by my antivirus software, either, I suppose because it was part of the app? Anyway, I uninstalled the app (which turned out to be a widget) and then went into my internet settings and cleared the browser cache, browser history and cookies. Then I rebooted the phone. No problems since.
  10. 4ajd4

    4ajd4 Newbie

    Do you remember what app you installed? I don't recall installing any new apps over the last day or two when I started to have the problem. Followed your advice and hopefully the problem will go away. Thanks!
  11. larbar1969

    larbar1969 Lurker

    It was a useless/stupid app called Night Vision Spy Camera my daughter put on my phone (I hate it when she does that). The App has lot of downloads and no one mentioned this issue in the comments. But after I uninstalled it, cleared the caches and rebooted, the problem was solved. No more "Your phone is compromised" redirects when I unlocked and opened other apps.
  12. 4ajd4

    4ajd4 Newbie

    Unfortunately, the issue has returned after clearing internet cache and restarting phone. Now it's opening up another website before going to a random app in playstore. Very annoying. I have a trouble ticket open with Samsung also. Hoping I can resolve this soon. Looks like a virus, which I've never had on an android phone before, and not even sure how I got it as I haven't downloaded any new apps in days. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  13. larbar1969

    larbar1969 Lurker

    Did you clear the browser history and cookies, as well? My only other thought is that is downloaded in a recent app update. Good luck.
  14. boricua3205

    boricua3205 Lurker

    Yeah, I just uninstalled that, my wife had installed it. Cleared cache and all that, we'll see how it ends
  15. boricua3205

    boricua3205 Lurker

    So far so good
  16. s4user

    s4user Lurker

    I also installed night vision and it was one of the apps that I deleted in trying to figure this out. Seems that it was the problem.
  17. Cruizin1

    Cruizin1 Lurker

    I also uninstalled night vision and anything else that thought could have caused this, cleared the cache and rebooted the phone. Still having the problem.
  18. 4ajd4

    4ajd4 Newbie

    Called Samsung...they had me go to Task Manager and shut everything down, clear RAM (memory) from there, clear internet cache from within settings and application manager, and then uninstall any apps I wasn't using or had installed recently including a night vision app I don't even remember installing (but maybe was causing the problem). Shut down phone, pull out battery, and re-start. Several hours now and the problem hasn't happened again. Fingers crossed!
  19. MommyKat

    MommyKat Lurker

    I also have a child that installed the "cursed" night vision spy camera GRRRRRRR
    I just unistalled and left a review stating that I think it is causing the problem.
    I will follow what Samsung suggested to 4ajd4.
  20. Same issue, same night vision application. Clearing the cache and everything else in my internet settings seems to have worked. Instead of being redirected to the other site I actually go to the home page I have set up in my interenet settings. Hopefully I will not see this pop up/redirect issue again. I have an HTC Inspire.

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