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up time/awake time/time without a signal

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cyaiphone, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What exactly are these things and what do they mean? I tried searching and reading threads I see them but no explanation on what they are. Can you guys hekp me out here.

    I was having battery trouble after froyo update so I did the hard reset and the cdma only trick to see if this helps.

    Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it!

  2. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    up time = time phone has been on since your last power up
    awake time = time phone has been awake sine your last power up
    time with out signal = time phone spends with no signal from the towers

    to check these settings - about phone - battery info
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  3. Brent Pierce

    Brent Pierce Well-Known Member

    Up time is time that it's ON, including stand-by time.
    Awake time is time that it is actually doing something (syncing, talking on phone, playing games)
    Time without signal is time without signal.
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  4. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    wow my time without signal is at 90% here at home. What the Hell!

    Hopefully this CDMA trick and hard reset give me better batter life. what are the best ways to lower the awake time and is there a way to reset these numbers?
  5. ericmn1

    ericmn1 Lurker

    I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the time without a signal number. My phone never loses signal and I never have a problem making or receiving calls but yet my phone will often say my time without signal is 30 to 40% during a whole day in the office. As far as I can tell it would seem that whenever the receive power is -100dbm or greater that the phone counts that as no signal even though you have signal (even if its on the weaker side) and can send and receive calls.

  6. basso4735

    basso4735 Member

    To reset them just shut the phone off and turn it back on.
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  7. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    I live in NYC where there is a cell tower on every other building. Although I don't check super frequently, I can't say I've ever seen "time without signal" before.

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