I am currently running on v3 leak. My fiance is on 1.5 still but just got the ota she is afraid to update for fear she will have to re download all of her apps I know with the leaks I had to re download all of mine when I updated will she have to do the same with the ota. Sorry in advance if this is a double post. Btw update is now in northern ohio for any one interested where we were at.


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After the OTA, you will need to download all of the apps again from what I understand.

Just store a list of the apps you've downloaded someplace. I have my list stored in an Excel worksheet. That way I can sort by name, download date, file size, etc.


I did not have to reload any apps or contacts when I updated.

BUT - I have run into some problems with speed dial and recommend doing what I am now learning I probably SHOULD have done: reboot or factory reset after updating and before setting up any preferences.

Good luck - it's not as bad as it sounds!