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Update For Sprint

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rockman, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Rockman

    Rockman Member
    Thread Starter

    New Sprint update the other night for Galaxy S4??

  2. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    Which update is it? If it's MK2, it's been out a while now.
  3. Rockman

    Rockman Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it was, I just got it though. What are the changes, do you know?
  4. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    It's not really a change, but a small fix. The issue it fixes is that some phones wake up on the charger and don't go back to sleep, like they should. So you'll find the phone on in the morning. I actually have that bug from 4.3 and am not in any hurry to install the MK2 fix. Only happens every 2+ weeks or so, so it's just not worth the hassle of going back to stock to put it on.
  5. trublond

    trublond Newbie

    I have been having Bluetooth issues with my Ford Sync ever since my update to mk2. Google Music will not play through my stereo until I hit pause/play several times. Also, my phone calls now suck. It was flawless but I can't hear them and they can't hear me. Wish I could back out.
  6. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    You can go back to MJA from MK2.

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