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Update: Freshman college experience with Ting Mobile :)

Discussion in 'Ting' started by pomonacollege, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. pomonacollege

    pomonacollege New Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 1, 2013
    My experience thus far with Ting: I recently bought a used Sprint Samsung Epic 4G clean ESN from eBay for ~$80 and did the BYOD over to Ting. First, before buying committing to buy, I asked the seller if it's a clean ESN and not on any contract. After receiving the phone, the porting process took about half a day and my existing number was ported without any issues. Since, Ting is good for users who are not excessive data users, I then turned OFF the sync background data on my phone to limit useless sync and mostly only use it to check email a few times a day and over free wi-fi. I'm a part-time college student so there are many free wifi places at the library, near campus buildings and at Starbucks.

    My bill from Sprint use to be well over $100 monthly after taxes and now on Ting with 500min/1000text/500mb data is only $33 a month + taxes! I gotta say, this savings really helps me a long way. Only downside is that Ting does not currently support LTE technology but I can live with that since I'm only Facebooking or texting.

    I gotta say, if you don't mind having the a new phone every 2 years and just buy a used phone on eBay, the saving are great.

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  2. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2012
    Ting actually DOES support LTE, but not on BYOD phones. Something to do with LTE allocation or something, I forget the exact reason they gave me. Guessing it's only a matter of time before they can do it for BYOD too though.

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