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I've got Android-x86 and Xubuntu working decently on my Ainol mini PC. It is a "mini PC" with an Intel Z3735F processor and is compatible only with 32-bit EFI. I have the GRUB boot menu installed from Android-x86 and starting up before Android, and I've installed Xubuntu 16.04 alongside it, but there is no boot entry for Xubuntu in GRUB. How do I add an entry for Xubuntu in /efi/boot/grub.cfg, or is there a command I can enter in the Terminal Emulator that is equivalent to update-grub in other Linux distributions?

I installed Android-x86 with the GRUB boot loader before I installed Xubuntu in the same eMMC storage. The only way I can load one OS from the other is by going into the BIOS setup and change the boot order. I have no access to GRUB2 installed from Xubuntu. On my web searches, I can only find instructions on how to to add an entry to Android-x86 into the GRUB2 menu made by Ubuntu, advising not to install GRUB2 when installing Android-x86. The problem is that I cannot get that boot menu popping up in my Ainol mini PC, even if there is no other OS installed alongside it. It just loads into Xubuntu, skipping the GRUB2 boot menu. I needed to use a bootia32.efi file to boot up an Ubuntu-based live USB. I did, however, get a GRUB boot menu after I installed Android-x86, but it still contains only the two standard entries.

In Xubuntu, I do, however, have access into /efi/boot/grub.cfg which contains code for the very two entries. It is in a separate, 100MB partition made for EFI booting. I looked on the Internet and couldn't find a tutorial on how to add an entry in the GRUB boot menu using code. I'm not a coder and, thus, unfamiliar with code.

How do I add an entry for Xubuntu in the GRUB boot loader made by Android-x86? What is the equivalent of update-grub for Android-x86, if it even exists?


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I've figured it out. It turns out that my GRUB2 configuration in Xubuntu had the timer disabled, causing the skipping into Xubuntu. So, I set it so that the boot loader now boots before Xubuntu! I also added boot entries into Android-x86 and the DEBUG into the same boot loader. (I just copied the entries from /efi/boot/grub.cfg made by Android-x86 into /etc/grub.d/40_custom and added 'set root='(hd0,2)'' in them) I finally have a dual-boot system! yay!

Thank you guys for helping, anyways.
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