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Update HTC Desire to 2.2 on O2 UK without wiping it?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jezston, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Jezston

    Jezston Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi, been reading around on the info on how to upgrade my HTC Desire to 2.2 without having to wait 'weeks' for O2 to offer it to it's customers, because I'm sure it takes weeks to stick a splash screen and enter a few settings on an Android build. :mad:

    However, all the guides I've seen appear to be just to completely install 2.2 from afresh, and wiping everything off your phone. I don't want to do this as it will be a pain to set it back up to how it was before.

    Is there a way I can just upgrade my 2.1 O2 UK desire to 2.2 without wiping anything?

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  2. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Android Enthusiast

    When I updated my 3 desire to 2.2 using the official update, it didn't wipe any of my stuff at all.
  3. Jezston

    Jezston Member
    Thread Starter

    What do you mean by 'official' update?
  4. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Android Enthusiast

    The official update is available already on 3, whereas you are on about getting a 2.2 update early rather than waiting for o2 to release their official version.
  5. Jezston

    Jezston Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes. Yes I am. Thank you for your contribution.
  6. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Android Enthusiast

    If that was sarcasm, I was simply letting you know what I meant by 'official' update, since you asked. So in answer to your starting post, when using the 'official' update it didn't wipe anything, like I said in my first reply.;)
  7. Jezston

    Jezston Member
    Thread Starter

    I apologise, yes that was sarcasm ;) I expect the official update will not delete anything, but I don't want to wait weeks for the official update from O2. Unfortunately all the hack methods I've seen involve clean installs, so I was hoping there may be a way I can update in a similarly clean method as receiving an official one.
  8. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Android Enthusiast

    NP. :rolleyes:

    I assume all other ways WILL need to wipe everything, as it's the branded firmware stopping you from getting the update until a proper branded update is released. So you'd need to get rid of your branded firmware in order for it to allow itself to update.

    TBH, 3 already have it, so it won't be long now before other networks roll it out too. As you say, it's not as if they're adding much to it. You might as well just wait TBH.

    Have you tried manually checking for updates to see if it's already available to you? On my phone, I didn't receive any notifications or anything, I only checked on the off chance and it said there was an android 2.2 update available. Just press menu, go to settings, about phone, and system software updates to see if it's already available.
  9. solmisation

    solmisation Lurker

    Hi I'm with Virgin UK, a few days ago I emailed them to ask when the 2.2 upgrade would be made available. I received this reply
    "Unfortunately, initial testing has highlighted problems with this so we're having to work with the manufacturer to get it fixed before it's released. This issue will also be present with the 'open market' version available from HTC, so we wouldn't recommend using this at this stage."
    Can anyone through any light on this?
  10. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Android Enthusiast

    Dunno, can't fault mine.:thinking:
  11. solmisation

    solmisation Lurker

    Thanks Stuart, I will try phoning them and ask what the problems are. If I don't get a satisfactory answer I may just root the phone.

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