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update keyboard

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gazza25, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. gazza25

    gazza25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi, i have just updated my gs3, but my keyboard on txt etc... has changed and i cant seem to find a ways to change settings so i can go back to my usual keypad

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    You can't "go back", about the best you can do is find one in Play that you like and install it. I happen to like the one in 4.3, but that's just personal taste, and the S-Pen makes it an easy one to use. I used AnyKey for a long time. I still use MyPhoneExplorer if I want to transfer a lot of data from my laptop to my phone (copy, paste into the input window), and I use a real full-size keyboard with an OTG cable if I want to type a lot of data into the phone.
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  3. mikes1

    mikes1 Android Enthusiast

    If you dont like it then I'd recommend Google Keyboard. It makes your keyboard just like a stock Google devices. It's very nice. I actually prefer the new Samsung updated keyboard though so I switched back to it from Google's. All personal preference. I did notice that Google updated the keyboard though and it made it "dumber" at predicting and correcting words
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  4. nbnesen

    nbnesen Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing much of a difference on this new keyboard... if the update is like how the s4 is then why didn't we get the s4 keyboard? I like that keyboard how it has the numbers on the top rather then having to switch over to them.
  5. heat57

    heat57 Android Enthusiast

    If you guys want ported keyboards, i.e. Note 3 with number row above letters and emoji support, then you can get it from here [12 DEC!!]Note 3 Keyboard For Galaxy s3 4.3 (MJ9, MK6) With Emoji Support. - xda-developers - NOTE: like most ported keyboards from other Samsung ROMs you have to flash them through a custom recovery and therefore you have to be rooted. This mod is for deodexed Samsung ROMs only.
    Make a Nandroid backup before flashing, as you always should.

    P. S. before flashing the mod clear cache and dalvik in the recovery!!!
  6. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Android Expert

    I never used the Samsung keyboard. It feels horrible and I find it less accurate than many other keyboards out there. I personally love Google Keyboard, it's perfect and super smooth.

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