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UPDATE - New Release for SmrtGuard for Android v3.05

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SmrtGuard, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Dear Android / SmrtGuard Users,

    We have rolled out a new SmrtGuard for Android v3.05. Many of you expressed the hassle of using SMS trigger a locate or other remote commands, so in this new version, we have implemented a brand new way of locating and commanding your Smartphone without the need for SMS.

    1. IMPROVED location and remote commands (no more SMS needed). This means support for Androids worldwide and not just US.
    2. Greatly IMPROVED GUI interaction and performance
    3. FIXED Call blocking for CDMA
    4. IMPROVED Anti-Spyware Scan scheduler
    5. IMPROVED Backup scheduler
    6. ADDED Device Switch Mechanism for ease of switch between devices


    Point your Android Browser to www.smrtguard.com and click on download, it will take you to Android Market to download the latest.

    For more information, please check our website for more.

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