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My brother and I both have the MAXX. Once the OTA went live I pulled it from update status and downloaded the update. My brother tried and he got "Update not available at this time" I found the solution and thought I'd share with everyone that needed a fix for this. Go to your dial pad and enter #35468#(#eliot#) which will then say "log checkin initiated" once that goes away(2 seconds) reboot your phone by holding Volume down and the power button. Hold until the phone shuts off. It will power back up on its own. Once back up, you should be able to pull the update.
I hope this works.

On a side note, I didn't try to just reboot with Vol- & Pwr without first dialing #eliot# if you are having this issue, could you first just try the reboot and see if that works?


:afraid: Impatiently waiting for ICS :afraid:

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I always prefer to wait till it is pushed to my phone instead of forcing it to me. Not everyone will get the push update at same time. Helps with server load. A few years ago I had an iPhone 3 on AT&T. They released an update to everyone at once. There were many a gorked phone that crashed half way through the update due to server overload. It was also PAINFULLY slow when it finally did go through. From what I have seen from this update anyway, you aren't really gonna see anything different.

Good tip though if you really can't wait.


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Some of us have been running ICS 4.0.3 for a month now. You can always root and flash the leak if you are that impatient :)

This is something I contemplate every day. I am a noob to all of this Rooting and flashing. I did flash a ROM to my DX2 once but I liked stock better(with ADWLauncher) But ICS....I hear it is so close....I am hoping Q2. I will wait it out another month. I am hoping for a June release. If not. Then I will have to quit being a sissy and just throw ICS on my MAXX.