Uncle Tupelo

Apr 7, 2010
I've been using my Desire with no issues for about 6 weeks and update notifications have worked perfectly, but this week I've recieved 3 different 'updates available' notifications, but clicking on them takes me to the list of installed apps where no updates are highlighted.

Searching the forums identifies this as having been a problem with other phones models (HTC and Motorola) after firmware updates, but I don't think that can be the issue here. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as to cause or fix?
I've had it previously where the update notification has been slow coming through to my phone. What happens is when I'm browsing the Apps store, I come across an update and install it, but the notification comes in a few days later even though i've already updated it.

I feel your pain though - when you see the notification you think "OOOH an update!", then you get there and it's not there. I hate that!