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Update server available

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by csoltenborn, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. csoltenborn

    csoltenborn Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I just checked for an Android update with my Milestone, and the response was that my Milestone is up-to-date (however, I'm still on 2.0). This is different to a couple of days ago, where it would say that the update server is not available.

    Finally, we're getting to it :)

    Btw: I have a lock-free phone (i.e., not with a contract), and I bought it from O2 Germany.

    Thought somebody could be interested...


  2. recklesslife

    recklesslife Newbie

    Not working here for me in the UK :(
  3. akex

    akex Newbie

    I hope, even if the update is only released for German users, the update.zip will work for all Milestones ...
  4. pispuso

    pispuso Newbie

    Not working here in Argentina yet, but i still hope it will come soon or will work downloading it from internet.
  5. icesonick

    icesonick Lurker

    no work here too.in FR
  6. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    Confirmed - in France, I still get the same "no connection available" error.

    Oh well, I can install from SD if our Teutonic neighbors get the goods before we do.

    Plus, we have better cheese. ;)

    (note: I live here and speak the lingo, but am not French and have no bias against anything Deutsch)
  7. vaio6

    vaio6 Lurker

    update server is available in Hong Kong for Milestone
  8. arlissfreire

    arlissfreire Newbie

    Almost Jan 13 there, huh? (your time GMT+8 my time GMT-3 :mad:)
    And is the update available ????? :D :D :D
  9. inaroundroom

    inaroundroom Lurker

    Not available in Australia Yesterday or Today (13th pm)
  10. bengrendon

    bengrendon Newbie

    I tried to do this just now and it was very slow to tell me that the srver was unreachable so maybe something but i doubt it.
  11. jolavo

    jolavo Lurker

    Here in Campinas, SP Brazil, no more: "no connection available" ..the phone keeping searching update....but no response yet...it is 22:00h PM.. at least something has change....wait wait
    Finaly ... NO CONNECTION TO SERVER..bad news

  12. mpmilestogo

    mpmilestogo Newbie

    No real change since I bought it from amazon. I'd definitely take the update.zip from anyone, anyplace. I want to root this thing. I just got the nexus one and did the boot loader unlocking and rooting in a single day. I sure wish that Moto would get this together.
  13. ein4290

    ein4290 Lurker

    i'm from indonesia and i still can't connect to the server :(
  14. dhan_shh

    dhan_shh Lurker

    I'm from Chennai,India.

    No updates so far "Unable to connect to Server"


    I hope in 2-3 weeks,update will be available!
  15. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie

    What does the "H" in your signal bar mean? I saw this on my Milestone for the first time today... Is it faster than 3G or slower?
  16. celios

    celios Well-Known Member

    "H" is HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) sometimes called 3.5G - and is faster than regular 3G.

    There is usually a limited number of 'slots' for HSDPA on a cell tower so your phone will only switch to "H" while you are downloading a lot of data and then switch back when it's finished.

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