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Update to 2.1 or leave it as is?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndroidTabletFan, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. AndroidTabletFan

    Thread Starter

    So I have a new Streak and love it so far! I have it rooted and have downloaded all of the necessary ROMs etc to update it to 2.1 (following StreakSmarts instructions of course)

    But my question is should I? I'm not unhappy with it the way it is, it's a lot faster than the Archos 5IT and is even faster than my N1. I even have neat looking icons thanks to Icon Change widget.

    So what advantages will I have if I install the update? :thinking:


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  2. martinio1

    martinio1 Newbie

    Personally I dislike 2.1, mainly because of the way the phone now unlocks. To unlock the screen on 2.1 you have to drag a bar using the screen, but the problem is that it becomes totally unresponsive at times, even more so when you are listening to music with ear phones.

    I would stay with 1.6 as 2.2 is supposedly due out within the next month or so.
  3. AndroidTabletFan

    Thread Starter

    Thank you. That's how I was leaning. I don't mind the unlock in 2.1, but am not unhappy with how this runs in 1.6. :)

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