Help update to fix restarting issue?

Ok so i had my droid x for about a wek and had dey little installed on it then last night it started rebootin on its own and so this morning i went and got a brand new one and as soon as i got.home go figure its doing it aswell. Any news on an update? Its gotta be the software


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Im not sure what the problem is, but it is not all of the Droid Xs. My wife said she was having this problem, but everything that is on her phone is on mine also and I have never had this problem. The only difference is mine is rooted and I have about 5 times as many apps as she does.


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True. It just really sucks that my phone did this last night and the new one i got this afternoon was fine until this evening and it started up again and i only have 3 or 4 apps on it all very common apps and while my last droid did have a task killer on it i decided to not use one on the new one and it still did it the reboot. I love this dphone just wish it would freaking work