Update today?


When I woke up this morning there was a system update for me. Anyone else get this? Anyone else know what it did?


Same, and it's a big one too. Yanking the update zip off my phone to take a peek now, I'll toss a download up shortly for anyone who's better at this stuff than I am, in case their devices haven't gotten it yet.

EDIT: After looking around it seems others have already posted the update.
If you are rooted and wish to stay rooted, it would be a bad idea to install the ZV4 update, it patches towelroot's method. You will not be able to root with towelroot.

Appears to be the same kernel version, it's also still Android 4.4.2.


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Im sure the update is being rolled out, not everyone is gonna get it at the same time. Im almost done whipping up an updated rom, if you're rooted and dont feel like waiting feel free to flash it.


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I still think that it's because many of have flashed the non carrier specific ROM that we aren't all getting the update.


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My VM volt says "System update downloaded a touch to install".

I moved the 236Mb file to my external sdcard & deleted it from the cache directory and rebooted. The message is still there. Is there any way to disable this so I don't accidentally install it & lose root?


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I also got this update today but my girlfriend has got it. Our phones were bought the same time. we both are still running the same stuff. I am rooted but she is not. Like I said I got the update today and she did not. I don't really wanna install this update if I am going to loose root. I know we don't have a working flash recovery yet, but I am hopeful that we will.

Where is this update saved to once it has been downloaded? I have looked through my phone and can't find it. It says is it downloaded and ready for install.

I wanna wait till she gets the update and installs it so i can compare the 2 phones to see if it did anything to it.


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Unfortunately I removed a lot of stuff on my phone already so I couldn't tell you, but if you have titanium backup or ROM toolbox and you can show me what apps you have I could show you which one it might be. To could also freeze them your self until you stop getting the message to find out which one it was then post back.
I was rooted and fine until i update something on my phone now i install towelroot and it says phone currently not supported why i tried framaroot and other rooting aps anyone know how to root it now or what to do help need my tethering


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Yeah basically a bad idea to update to v4 if you want root it's just a lot of work of doing download mode I learned the hard way but can confirm you can "roll back" to the non carrier v3 asks get root back. Download mode is a blessing though and the non carrier version seems to have better ram usage.


I had those 3 apps frozen on my phone (they're still frozen in Titanium Backup) & I still get the update message...

Are you referring to the message in the windowshade? If you long-press that update message in Android's windowshade, then press App Info, you should see the message is coming from Google Play Services.

I think I was able to suppress it by running the "Disable Service" app (cn.wq.disableservice), and unchecking its System Apps > Google Play Services > SystemUpdateService checkbox. After rebooting, I haven't seen an alert, but it might be too soon to party.


Yea, same here. How can I get rid of this?

Edit: Found it here, at least

Edit 2: Used gravitybox to disable ongoing notifications from Google play services, working so far