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Update Wont update !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snowboarderxd1, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    Ok wtf ! i have the phone exactly how it was before i rooted it Why wont it update? any theme i did or anything is back to normal Why wont it update or anything? i even Unrooted the phone just to update it

  2. jfrorie

    jfrorie Newbie

    Did you remove or rename any of the Verizon apps when you rooted? They must be there to update. All of them.
  3. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    Nah There all there ! =[ Well i believe because i know i havent Deleted Any of them Is there ones i am sappose to have? because i know i didnt delete any. I even got a back up of all the Apps that need to be there and There all there perfectly normal 0.0 Every App except CityID which is what i need to get
  4. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    i finally figured out wat was wrong XDD !! i forgot i tryed to theme my Clock :p so the services.jar was like Bigger then what it was sappose to be haha

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