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Update...Worth the wait/hype??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Evil Sports, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Evil Sports

    Evil Sports Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    For people that actually got it, did it live up to the fanboys hype??

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  2. snorge

    snorge Android Enthusiast

    Obviously not because people were expecting a lot more but that was all due to rumors anyway, the update everyone wants is coming early next year.
  3. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    we created the hype not verizon. we dreamed this would be the fix all dream patch and let our imaginations run wild. when others said calm down it might not be as good as you think. we ignored them and kept living in our fantacy world.

    all verizon said was a patch was coming and we filled in the blanks to me that's not hyping anything.
  4. Evil Sports

    Evil Sports Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    How are you able to verify this statement:thinking:
  5. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    they said it in a statement. 2.0+ in the first quarter of 2010
  6. johnLEE

    johnLEE Member

  7. yankeeboy

    yankeeboy Android Enthusiast

    Not the fanboys hype, yet it helped my battery significantly. 1:45 PM and still have 88% of battery from 7AM with moderate usage. I did the update last night and let the battery fully drain after.

    Otherwise, 2.0(1) is coming soon I hope for nav.
  8. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    Definitely Nav. @HTC said on twitter "Droid Eris is getting an update to a newer version of Android early next year. Google Navigation support is coming your way ;)"
  9. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

  10. Bxrider11

    Bxrider11 Well-Known Member

    The update to the Droid Eris was less than stellar. I am not sure if i have the patience to wait for an Android OS update sometime in Q1 2010. I think many people fell the same and they are looking at the update arriving in January 2010. It could actually arrive on March 30th. I am sure by then most carriers, including Verizon, will have released a newer fast Android 2.1 phone. I feel the least that Verizon could have done was address the battery issue or the fact that my weather/time widget show the time/weather for the correct city, but in the wrong time zone and state.
  11. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    By the way, I compared the "official" release of upgrades compared to the "leaked" one shown earlier: they are all but identical.

    I'd therefore feel comfortable that the Jan 22 upgrades are probably going to happen pretty much as stated there.
  12. DocTauri

    DocTauri Well-Known Member

    I for one will wait until my 30 day return period comes due. If I haven't seen anything by then, I'm returning my two.

  13. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    ^ that would be your choice. 2.0 and 2.1 were never garenteed by Verizon in the begining at all you were garanteed was 1.5 with cdma support only. but because verizon wants to keep all thier new customers they had to release an update. HTC will update sense when it ready and only when it's ready not cause i threatened to bring back my phone. they did this with the G1 and all was good. they'll do it again. making threats does nothing. HTC and Verizon still make money.
  14. DocTauri

    DocTauri Well-Known Member

    Wound a little tight ain't we.

    No, it wasn't meant like, give me an update or I'm taking my phone back, it's just good old economics. I have 30 days to decide if this phone's for me. By the time they get a 2.x update out to me, there should (or soon thereafter) be other options (passion?) available. It would be stupid to waste my upgrade, and get stuck for the next 2 years, with these choices coming out. Now, if 2.x was out today, I might just say, sure, this is it, but since I can't even take it for a test drive, I'll keep my options open.

  15. DocTauri

    DocTauri Well-Known Member

    and yes, the update must be doing something wonderful with the battery! My fully charged phone has been off of the charger now for 10 minutes, and I still show more than 53%!

  16. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    nahh not wound up just no sleep. when cupcake was deleyed all those months. heard your statment alot from people. wasn't trying to flame job you but now that i read it can be taken that way. just was trying to say htc and verizon don't care about us that much.
  17. Doheny

    Doheny Member

    What the Doc said...
  18. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    I think I'll return my 2007 Tacoma because I feel Toyota should automatically update it to the 2010 model.

    See how ridiculous that sounds?
  19. mss12

    mss12 Member

    How do you know if you got the update?
  20. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

  21. Doheny

    Doheny Member

    Found this...maybe it will happen with your (our) 30 day return limit:

    HTC Passion for Verizon Moves Closer to Launch - Expected to arrive in a matter of weeks - Softpedia

  22. Mike Anthony

    Mike Anthony Member

    A little difficult to compare cars with cell phones, although I see your point......
  23. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    By anything, do you mean an upgrade to 2.0?

    If so, just return the phone now and be done with it. The updgrade isn't coming until "first quarter".

    Not just directed at you, but I find it completely ridiculous to anyone who just bought this phone and expects it to be upgraded to 2.0 in the next 30 days. The phone has been out not even 45 days, and it was released with Android 1.5, vs. the Droid which came with 2.0. Why on earth would anyone expect that that it would be upgraded to 2.0 so quickly? For marketing and technical reasons, it's just silly.

    If you are just referring to the trial of the phone "as-is" than I completely understand that.
  24. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    ^Exactly. You bought what you bought so any software upgrades are a bonus IMO.
  25. dawnstacie

    dawnstacie Member

    I got my update this morning and I have to agree, the swipe to turn on is not my fav!!

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